Prelude to Year Beyond 2400

The Chronicles of the new era

Part 1 – Being awaken

There was a time when history was unique to a single nation, a time when supposedly there were no communications at all between nations. That era had long gone beyond memory, only in virtual texts and scripture do we find them. Then in the mid-era, a whole-new invention was created that made nations come together through peace not wars. This was the time of the prime computer networks, a time when nations were no longer set asunder by geographical distance but by psychological thoughts. Finally, the new-era arrived. 3910 AD, this time the whole world is connected via thoughts telepathically. In an old holographic diary found in Paulzeta`s great great great grandad`s digital box, he found himself looking at something far beyond his imagination. Throughout his last 200 years, he does not seem to have grown old but only into his early youth. In the diary, a digitalized account that reads on it`s own:

11 000BC   Egyptians built pyramid, sphinx when there were rains (?)

10 000 BC  Atlantis ruled on land (?)

8 000  BC  The Great Flood (?)

5 000 BC    Sumerian carved down mankind `s origins on clay tablets

3 000 BC   China, the nation whose cultures and civilization was first dated

600 BC       Babylonian built the marvelous Hanging Gardens

400 BC      Aristotle discovered our world with great wonder

323 BC       Alexander the Great of Macedon died in battle

1 BC            Birth of Jesus our Savior in Bethlehem

1 000 AD   The Crusaders battle in the Holy Land

1 350 AD    Black Death shadowed over Europe

1 500 AD   Michelangelo painted and sculptured the Italian walls

1 912 AD    Last emperor of China `s rule ended

1 985 AD   Microsoft Windows invented

2 000 AD   The world is connected via underwater cables and satellites

2 010 AD   Users of Facebook reach 500 million and still counting…

Paulzeta continues the reading as he touches the site where the word “Facebook” is. He pauses and then slaps his hand on a button that says “coffee-brewed-Arabianyons”, a huge square mug of fresh coffee smells drift across his staged-room at 3000 feet above ground. He takes a good sip and then continues to read what is shown to him.

Facebook , the book for everyone, young and old is a wonder of our modern time. Despite the increase in various communicative system such as twitter, msn, skype, WAYN, Yahoo!, Digg, etc, Facebook is ranked above all. Any system that allows you to say what `s on your mind and give response is a form of communication system. In Facebook, anyone becomes an editor for his own book, regardless of the number of words or videos posted, it is limitless. Though still not everyone is a Facebook user, little by little, we `ll see that our generation is becoming more and more dependent on it. Even the number of friends we add shall not matter anymore, because we will soon be able to live without a true friend. I believe of all the 200 friends, perhaps only 1 or 2 are our good friends and of the 100 friends we scroll down the list, perhaps none. That is how it is no matter where we are or who we are. We notice the change in our life by this sort of technology yet we ignore it. The change that virtually anyone `s privacy is a step closer to being publicized online, we are amazed by how anything could be spread right in front of our eyes yet we don `t mind to have it all exposed. We `d share things, send messages, poke a stranger, chat, set up our profile in a very formal Facebook style and what not?

Paulzeta pauses as he notices a picture showing a very youthful man, having fair skin, short silky dark hair, very short fringes and handsome ears on both sides. This guy in navy blue V-neck shirt has a very bright beaming smile. Paulzeta stops and takes a closer look at the few lines below the picture that writes:

I`m the kind of guy who likes to joke, make people laugh and I really enjoy life!

Name: Larry Osman  Date of Birth: 12 May 1988  Status: Single  Interested in: Women/Men  Education: University of California  Occupation: Employed as technician in NUS

Osman? What kind of a name is that? He is thinking to himself. Single? Who else can be double if not single? What nonsense is this guy talking about? And why all the troubles stating whether you are interested in women or men? Everyone has equal rights in all matters, be it political or just social. What in the world was this stupid guy talking about? He takes another sip of his coffee which is now turning a bit cold.

“Knock, knock, knock!” An alarm blares out the knockings in a controlled voice panel, suddenly knocking Paulzeta off from his thoughts. “Damn it! Who turned that loud?” “Coming! Coming!” He takes one last taste of his coffee and throws the mug into an automatic mug washer right under his cushion seat. He then rushes towards the door to open it. The trapdoor instantly lifts open, 1.5 metres in width and 2 metres in height. As it `s opened, there a man dressing in black suit, wearing black visors standing in front of him. The name tag of this dark figure reads “Director of the New Man: Franktaurius”.

“Oh, you are the one in charge here, I see! You `re Franktaurius! Frankie, nice to meet you! Please, do come in.” Paulzeta said. “Mind you, my name is Franktaurius” the man replied. “It `s the old way of saying” Paulzeta giggles as he lets the man in. “So, Frankie, what have you brought to me today? Why do you come at this hour of the night? Any problem?” He stops and looks at the guy with his eye wide open. Then, he shows the man to his living room where he has been reading from his new holography box. “Please have a seat, gentlemen, would you like some coffee or tea?” “No, thanks.” said the man. “Err… milk or shaky wacky choco? Sweet pine?…” “I said no, thank you… you know, Paulie, you`re acting kinda strange” said the man. “Well, then suit yourself!”

“Doctor told me that your programme has been changed, Paulie, if you don `t mind me calling you Paulie.” Franktaurius continues. “She said the last time when your programme was turned on, you did not experience any side effects, it was all perfect for the last 100 years, but this time…” he gives a few coughs and asks for an extra-large mug of Extpenion coffee. Paulzeta springs up instantly from his cozy sofa and rushes to hit the button for extpenion coffee. “Err… hot? Or cold?” he asked the man. “Just warm, not too hot, thank you”. In less than 3 minutes, he rushes back with a huge square mug for his night guest and throws himself back onto the sofa. “Yes, please go on, what `s happened this time?”

“She said this time your programme cannot guarantee you won `t face any side effects in the next couple of years…” “Wait a minute, hold on a second, did you just said next couple of years? Yeah, right, now I remember what you `re saying.” Paulzeta thinks he now knows what this guy is up to, this guy in black suits is from the Grand City in the northern hemisphere. He is the mastermind behind all living and dormant programmes. Paulzeta now remembers that he has just passed his last dormant programme and has just entered his second living programme only two days ago. Everyone in this world called Earth has five chances of both programmes. One successful dormancy would give earthling a chance of living for 100 years. After 100 years, he or she would have to go into dormancy again if he or she wishes to proceed to another 100 years of living again. One dormancy will take one week to finish recollecting all the earthling `s last 100 or 200 or 300 years of living memories. During this dormant period, an earthling `s life would be highlighted and those that give him or her strong sense of happiness would be remained, others would be wiped out of the memory. So that whenever an earthling enters his next living period, he will have no painful memory of his past, he will start everything anew, fresh and clean inside a specially built accommodation.

“Mr. Paulie, are you alright?” said the man. Paulzeta lies in a pensive look in a while and then suddenly brings himself back to normal and said: “Yeah, I `m fine,” he said. “Don `t you worry, man, we have the entire security system tight on you, we `ll make sure everything is fine with you all night and day. If you don `t feel your time is right, we could get you back to sleep for a longer while, we could delay your programme. I hope that will help you regain your living strength. Do you understand?” Paulzeta replied: “Yeah.” “Ok, Paulie, I `m leaving now, if you need anything, just tap the caller. Remember, you can always return to dormancy if you wish.” When he finished saying this, he took one last sip from his huge coffee mug and then walked straight to the door and went away.

Paulzeta leans on the cube-shaped couch, he looks at the few numbers projected on the wall that reads 06:00 AM THURS. Usually at this hour of the day, he is still sleeping. But most awakening of dormancies takes place in the middle of the night, so that when one person becomes fully awake with consciousness, it would already be early in the morning. So as to say he has been in an unconscious state for the last 2 days. As he lies on the couch, thoughts run through his mind in full scale, full motions that help to make his mind stronger. As he tries to regain as much of his past memories as possible, he feels more enlightened and refreshed. This helps a newly awaken person, or as it is called the “new man”, becomes more aware of his or her situation. Such enlightening feeling can ascend the person `s soul. As he is meditating, the whole world seems to float in front of him. The past is like phantom, the present is like blossoms in summer, and the future, is like sweet ice cream melting in the mouth… …

“Honey, honey, time to wake up… time for breakfast!” a voice coming into Paulzeta `s ears as if from distant. He slowly opens his eyelids, lights shine through his pupils, waking him up even more. “I `m coming!” he answers back at the woman`s voice. As he wakes up, he hymns his familiar tune while applying toothpaste on his brush. Cleansing his face with the morning warm water and then trim his hair entirely in front of the huge mirror. Having done all these, he walks down the stairs to the kitchen where his lovely woman has been waiting for him. China plates, one inch slice of toast with the smell of baked beans, topped with two lettuce pieces, salty salad dressings, fried onions, tiny cubes of carrots, peas, sweet corns and finally one rectangular huge slice of mashed potato. Beside the dish is accompanied with one tiny bowl of special tomato sauce for the whole toast meal, and also a huge square mug of golden colour 100% orange juice. Always tasty, always fresh is the motto for each meal for this pair of couples. This is the common daily first meal for every family. “Lovely” he said. “Just the way you like it” his wife replied. “So, how are you feeling now?”

“Fine.” He said.

“Jenny, when was the last time we saw that beautiful sunset?” He said pointing his fork towards a picture hanging on the kitchen wall.

“You mean the Hanging Garden?” she asked.

“Why? What`s the matter, Paul? Are you alright?” she asked again.

“I`m fine, don`t worry about me. I`m just thinking of the two of us, you know, hanging out, fly around every corner, every building.”

Jenny looks her eyes into his, and she thought for a second about his awakening from dormancy. She thought she sensed an air of sorrows and tiredness on sides of his eyebrows as he keeps on munching on his toast. She grasps a glass from a plain white cupboard which opens up automatically and sat down by his side.

“Tell me, how was the waking?”

Paulzeta looks up and gazes into the empty space looking for words that don`t pop out. “He said there`s nothing wrong, I`ll be fine.”

“Who said?”

“Frankie, of course, who else?”

“Oh, I see. Perhaps, you need to rest. We`ll go to the Hanging Garden this Sunday, how`s that?” Jenny asked.

“Great!” He smiled.

“Meanwhile, what you wanna do on Saturday?”

“I don`t know, we could lie down all day watching TV” he said.

Jenny bursts into laughters and then Paul suddenly feels the same as he too laughs till the fullness of his heart. As he takes on another munch on the warm crispy toast, his fork aims at another bite full of salad sweetness, and so putting the natural sweetness of morning meal with his lady by his side, and he thinks it tastes like his own saliva inside a cabin.


Part 2 – The chamber for souls

From the moment of being asked to lie down inside a humidified cabin in the humidification chamber, any soul would have known and encountered an actual salvation in lifetime. To put it in a narrower context, salvation for the soul means a time for soul to be freed from worldly sufferings and mortal pains. Inside the 30 feet wide, cylindrical and 20 feet high chamber, lies 4 rectangular cabins. Each cabin is like a half-buried huge rectangular box protruding from the chamber wall. Each box is channeled through the cylindrical wall, connected to a huge biological pipe that acts like breathing tube for the person who`s “sleeping” inside. In the beginning, the pipe literally breathes in air with high humidity to slowly bring the human body to an active state. During the activated state, the body experiences consequence from adrenaline`s impact. Other growth hormones and releasing hormones are also being turned on to be circulated around the body. Soon as the whole body has reached a state of “primed” stage, which means when the whole body is in a ready-to-act stage, the pipe slowly breathes out the high humidity air and breathes in cooler and fragranced air. The coolness and fragrance in air makes the whole body feels free of pains and gives it sense of real happiness, almost like it is perpetual. By this, the person`s consciousness would have reached a state of being hypnotized and feeling totally out of this world, out of this physical world and into the world of one`s soul. Soon as the priming stage and hypnosis have been achieved to level of complete safety, the process of dormancy begins. During the 1 week period of dormancy, the whole person undergoes a process of spiritual cleansing and proceeds to deeper awakening of one`s consciousness. Because by awakening of one`s soul, the soul can advance further and become wiser and closer to nature and of course, closer to God. The cleansing process is achieved simply by one`s meditation under the subconscious mind. All worldly unjustified wrongdoings, all self-inflicting thoughts, inconsiderate, selfishness, intolerance, anger, pains, hatred, all magnetic forces that carries negativity are being cleansed out or removed from the soul so that the soul could once again see the greatness, the oneness and the mercy of God. The entire process requires 6 days. On the 7th day, the body is being left to return to normal body temperature through the breathing pipe. Many have said that on the 7th day, it`s like a journey through the universe, like a flying eagle spreading its wings 6 feet wide across the dark matter in space and passing by floating souls in outskirts of different galaxies. Through the eagle eyes, many said they thought they saw that past, present and future all converged into one single moment like into a tiny ball of crystal, in that single moment they saw a big bright light coming towards them. After that, they would be awakened by a priest who calls their name to bring their souls back to the physical world. If the entire process is successful, then the soul would be called back at level of safety with a properly functioning human`s consciousness within an hour.

However, if the process encounters difficulty in recovery of the person`s soul, the body being awakened would experience impact on the person`s own soul by several different souls. The safety level of these various souls to be recovered is divided into 4 levels, 1st level, that is the level of highest danger confers to soul straight from Hell, souls that are never redeemed and are full of negativity. 2nd level of safety rings the alarm of moderate danger, that is soul being recovered from the Purgatory, that are souls that had once deeply redeemed and confessed but filled with regrets and revenge. 3rd level of safety complies concerns for soul of oneself, either from the past or from the future. At this level, the consequence is not always that serious, because the recovered souls, whether from the past or future, is still the same soul, this condition may recover when the person has become totally awake. Finally, the 4th level of safety is when one`s own present soul has been successfully recovered, with zero influences by other souls. All levels of safety are detected by an energy sensor that is affixed within the wall of each cabin. Since different souls radiate different level of energy, the sensor could track down the soul and analyze their energy level. Energy level that hits the lowest point down the vibrational ladder are souls that carry the most negativity. Most souls in people that are carried during lifetime fall in the higher than average region up the ladder. The first three levels of safety of soul are enlisted as below average on the vibrational energy level. Usually, the person whose soul to be brought back to life would have increased level of vibrational energy which means the person has gained more wisdom spiritually. As a result, by the time a person has experienced four times of awakening, the person would become more advanced and wiser in thoughts and speech. However, not all souls can achieve that, it depends on the process of meditation during each dormancy. It goes down to how the person reflects and how close the soul is to God.

Though a person being awakened and being allowed to enter and live on this world is considered totally safe and harmless to others, nonetheless, some still experiences some side effects from the deep meditation and hypnosis. These side effects include gloomy moods, the person having sense of superiority over others, jealousy and even hatred over others. These are all unacceptable characters for the entire society, because love is the only thing that needs to be concerned over all else, without love inside, the person is considered unfit and unhealthy for the entire community. And these unfit people will have to choose whether to end their living years earlier and return to dormancy for a longer period of time or to stay in a separated community. The specially separated community is provided with all the needs for all unhealthy individuals. Here, they are basically the sick people and require special care and love from volunteers around the world. All individuals that come to the separated community, otherwise called the Second community, are treated with respect and faith by all other healthy individuals.

By the time the world`s different representatives have finally reached an agreement to take all unhealthy souls in at a single place on the surface of the Earth, the number has reached a staggering 2,500 in less than a 1,000 years. A healthy normal individual could receive at maximum 4 times of awakening from 4 dormancies, including the person`s first 100 years since birth, altogether could live well to 500 years of age, sometimes even above 500 years. Healthy individuals are those who have undergone successful awakening process from the cabins, they live in the Earth`s center. Since there`s limited space for everyone at the Earth`s center, population growth is strictly controlled. Only those younger than 140 years old are allowed to bear new-borns, those 100 and above of age are restricted from having new-borns, whether it be a man or a woman. No new humans are being born by another human, there are no natural births like in those years 1000 years ago. New humans are only being born through the New-born Centers by artificial methods. Because all humans have grown too weak at the hip bones and muscles have shrunken at the lower abdomen. As each individual raises his or her own consciousness level higher and higher, he or she also weakens certain parts of the body`s muscles, especially those in the hips. Every Earth`s year, 700 new-borns are to be born at the center and these are for those couples who are still younger than 140 years old. For the first 50 years after the new-borns have been born, their parents are required to accompany them throughout their study at school. The parents are responsible for the children`s upbringing, education, moral and all behaviors. The parents must agree to cooperate with teachers in school during each lesson, to ensure the children are happy and are learning well. No stresses are to be placed on the children while learning, the parents and teachers are there to make sure everyone is happy and loving. That is the agreement for couples or single parent who want to have a child. After the first 50 Earth years, the parents can stay home and do their own work while the children can spend their time travelling to other worlds, other universes provided by the galactic supervisors.

When the children have become older, before they decide to have their first dormant period, they must return to their home planet to stay with their parents. Since the day a child is being brought back home, this child should always be home before they go anywhere further in life, because the child is the one who will spread out love for future generations. So, children are basically assets of an independent planet, like planet Earth. The child is considered a young grown-up at age of 70, by this time, most of the children`s parents are around 180 to 210. Most people do not consider having children but the entire society always make sure that there`ll always be around 700 new-borns every earth year. The demand of children is still high, some parents have already decided, agreed to all regulations and received permission from the solar system`s supervisor long before they turn 140, and the supervisor will always make sure the ones who wish to have children will have children. Due to high demand of children, some parents will have to be on the waiting list, waiting for another Earth`s year, when the line is too long, even though the parents have turned well over 140, but below 150 will always be able to take home a new-born from the center. Every galactic year, which is 150 years for Earth and for other planets might be 2 years or 20 years, depending how close the planets are to their center sun, the galactic community will hold a meeting for each solar system`s supervisor. The place for the meeting is onboard the galactic mothership. The mothership travels to different universe all year round. The meeting to be held would give chance for all supervisors to discuss their system`s problems. The range of discussion covers almost anything, but only 2 main subjects and 3 minor topics are allowed to be brought up for discussion. Around these days, the problem of the sick individuals have become a major issue for some systems, the second major issue frequently being brought up is about those primitive solar systems and the negativeness they carry.

There is no one who is more superior or inferior than anyone, even among all the supervisors. They are all sages with deep deep deep wisdom, they are all leaders who are willing to spend their time onboard for at least 6 months to discuss with other sages about all the problems. The entire meeting requires at least 6 months, but can be extended to 1 Earth year. When all is well and done, each supervisor would leave the mothership and return to their home solar systems to tell the people about the meeting. This year, 3910 AD, will be the 1500th year since human finally surrendered all arms, explosive ammunitions to the galactic supervisor, by whom all deadly weapons had been destroyed, evaporated into nothing. In this year, there`ll be a special celebration, all elders, those above 400 years old would gather to give honor to those who have died fighting for disarmament of all humans more than 1500 years ago. There is a memorial building for this purpose where well over 7 million names are recorded in holographic database. 7 million people, dead, 7 million souls now gather together, to our future we give them evil not, to our souls we give them pains not, it is to our whole universe, we despise all destructions. Such lines are spread down many generations since 1000 years ago and can still be seen down the memorial hall.

(to be continued… …)


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