About the Author

I`m currently a Biotech student, doing what I do best all the time, but definitely not what I like the most. I`m doing some work to support myself and also with some support from my family throughout my study in Taiwan. Originally I`m from a country in South-east Asia, a total of 5765 sq Km piece of land governed by an at least 7-centuries-year-old sultanate, and the sultanate is still in absolute power till this day. A bit old but peaceful and lovely place on earth (anyone from south asia probably knows what I`m talking about by now…), is where I`m from.

My true passion, or I should say my true love for life is literature and arts, not the serene rows of giant tubes and awkward pipettes lying somewhere at dead corners of a laboratory, only waiting patiently for some nerd like me to pick them up. I`ve been dying to share different thoughts on various subjects but never really knew where to begin. Then I accidentally bumped into some blog called “wordpress” while I was reading someone else`s blog, I became interested in it. And then began writing from then on. I think its really cool to write something for everyone to read and see, and that`s my simple motivation to keep writing in this blog. Hope you all enjoy it! (I know, sometimes, my writings could be quite boring, though)  xD


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