Still believing

No matter how bad people have become, no matter how destructive, how incomprehensible, how terrible…. people have become, and are turning into…. somewhere deep inside my heart, I can hear a voice telling me that things will be alright. I can still the voice of bravery that echoes in the strength of hope. I can still hear this voice coming from deep deep deep inside me.

I still believe that people still have, ought to have, must have some remaining good virtues buried within themselves. This kind of belief in my opinion is not something mythical or that far out-of-reach kinda belief, but it is something that can transcends my soul to the next level of advancement. In other words, by doing so, I mean by having such benefactory, decent, self-exploring, understanding belief in my life, I can inject myself with loads of self-taught good virtues, precious life experience which will certainly be helpful for me in this life and the next.


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