6 may 2016 12:07 Ten things to do when you`re down

Every day in the morning, we wake up and would certainly find ouselves in a situation quite different from the previous day. WHY? Because every single day is a different day, there`s no reason why. You ever felt like you want a reason for every thing happening around you?

Here are ten things to do when you get that feeling where you are in the lowest point of low in your life:

1- Go get a cuppa coffee, tea, lemonade, something, please, but not alcohol! Why? Because alcohol makes people go crazy, do not consume it.

2-  Turn off the computer, social network, stay away from these crazy connections. They make our mind go wild.

3- Lie on the bed, and start to think of the things that make you sad,instead of the things that make you happy. If you do so, means you are not running away from your situation, the longer you stay real and thoughtful, the more likely you will not face the same situation again next time.

4- When you think, do not find a reason, or any reason at all as to why you are sad, just let the thoughts pass by you. If you do want to find a reason, your thoughts shall be impeded, you will gather more negative energy.

5- If you feel you can`t think no more, please, turn on the TV, or your music, watch and listen to other people voices, instead of your own.

6- Do not push yourself to do sports if you do not feel like doing it. The more you push yourself, the more you will run away from your problem, and running away from something is never good enough. Just keep that in mind.

7- If you have finished your coffee, tea, or lemonade, and still feeling dizzy, and down, please, start to cry, learn to cry, shed some tears, and all the negative energy will be let out. When you do cry, please, DO NOT ask why? Just transfer out your bad energy.

8- After you have done all the above things, now you should be feeling hungry. WHat you should do next is to go grab some fruits, like papaya, melon, startfruits, dragon fruits, but not sour fruits like kiwi or plum. The sweetness of fruits can help take away your toxins in the body.

9- Even if you do not feel hungry, please, you still have to eat. Because your body is probably torn out after hours of feeling low and down, even though you may not feel that you are tired.

10- Stay away from all junk foods, especially potato chips, biscuits, crackers, fried chickens, beef jerky, all, i mean all junk foods, especially those containing meats. The junkness of these mad foods can intensify the feeling of being sad, and we all know it.


After one day of doing the above things, half of your troubles/ sadness should be gone by now. If not… you need to find someone to talk to  ;D





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