10 Ways to survive sarcasms if you are 30 and unmarried

You know, the kind of things people would say or would like to say to you when they see signs that someone is: single and over 30, they would say: “any boy/girlfriend?” “why no?” “when will you get a boy/ girlfriend?” “when will you get married?” “oh, its very fine to be single, like me, I`m married, I`m blah blah blah…. …”

You know, people can be very annoying sometimes, I mean really annoying. Let me tell you guys who are striving or barely surviving the consequences of the above constant bullies. The following ways may be helpful for you to get through and survive this whirlwind of prejudices and bias:

1- Stay ignorant of the “compliments”
2- Think of these people as psychological-bulliers who cannot put themselves in other peoples` shoes
3- Stay positive that something good is impending

4- Smile while hearing these egoistic “compliments” because smile can launch a thousand ships

5- It`s fine to learn things through the hard way, that after all others can`t understand what you are going through in life

6- Make yourself useful in many ways (read/ write/ teach/ listen… etc)

7- Stop getting used to what people tell you, and start managing your time for useful things

8- Get geared up or dressed up well, at least do not be lazy at making good appearance all the time

9- Gather up wisdom through life, do not be stupid and timid in mind

10- Finally, be a more complete person, your natural intuition and innate wisdom may certainly find the one just right for you. When it does, make sure that you are ready.

Basically, if you aren`t someone who`s lazy and stubborn, and if you wanna survive all the sophosticated thoughts, dramas, and disastrous human “attack” in this world, you just have to be more wise and patient.




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