29 Aug 2015 18:18 Our world gives solace to all hypocrites

A clear definition of the word hypocrite:
a living being that does not cherish the virture of being true and kind.

You see, being hypocritical is a sense of being “true” to noone else but the oneself only, which is mean. It is a character not sent from above, but wrought and woven by our own world itself. Like any ancient civilization, like its always been, people can be jealous, people can feel bad or good just about anyone, anything, as long as these furious and dangerous emotions do not hurt others, as long as they do not kill others, you are not close to being hypocritical. However, our society makes this form of character easy to prosper and srpings out like a spider web, everywhere into any hearts who long to be touched and felt. In brief, hypocritic is a disease that spreads and conquers the weakest part of our mind and heart, which is our virtue — kindness.

Once the palace of  kindness has been brought down by forces of being pretendious or hypocritical, the fortresses of all other 4 virtues, namely wisdom, propriety, righteous, and loyalty also collapse. When one loses all these virtues, what more can one such self sets foot upon? Greeds? Big egos? Jealousy? Self-centeredness? Untruthfullness? Yea, basically, these are the chracters that accompany one`s hypocritical sense of well-being.

Which is why…. why we shouldn`t give valuable solaces to hypocrites in order to save this world from drowning.


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