25 Aug 2015 21:27 Keep on feeling nervous

Feeling is a sensation from inside one`s heart. Now, where does one`s heart lie?  I guess the correct answer would be: right here. But, the physical heart pumps blood throughout the body, do you mean that the blood transfuses the dynamics of feelings? Do you mean that emotions are attached to physicality while the blood is in locomotion? Well, amazing, right? It seems that perhaps, the mind is where all emotions come from, but, what about the heart? What role does the heart play in the world of emotions and feelings and sensations?
We often ask or tell ourselves: I feel great! I feel wonderful! Or…. just the opposite.
But, noone can really say where do all the emotions, the great sensations of our mind, our mentality, our consciousness, where do all these come from?
So…. while I`m being, or feeling nervous now, or has been so for quite some time, let me just keep it this way, and let all the questions go and fly away with their wings into the air. Lets just forget about everything and enjoy this moment, shall we?


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