7 sept 2014 21:00 Being grateful for one single day

First thing in the morning, wake up, brush the teeth, wash the face, get dress up, hop right in the bike or car, and head out to work or to school. Where is the ritual? Is there a moment when you feel you want to show gratefulness?
Second thing of the day, get out of the working stove, away from those piles of papers and tons of written data, with a flick of the thumb, the chain of keys get slipped right through the thumb and landed safely on the palm, momentarily, you feel like a free soul, but you are really just someone getting ready for your lunch, wherein your “freedom” has to be bought, ain`t for free. Yet, still no gesture, no heart of being grateful throughout the whole daily routine.
Thirdly, you call it a day! Off you go, away from your working place, away from people who know you by your name and work. A time for you to be laid-back, resting and contemplating on an unicorn island somewhere in the middle of the sky. A moment when all your imaginations and realities come together, which never make any sense at all, its just the feeling of being relaxed, that`s all you want, and that`s all you have it by the end of the day. But, still, there is no gesture, no feeling of showing how grateful you are to all the people/ things around you.

Is this how you are? Is this how you live everyday? If it is, then… you really have to show more gratefulness, more goodness of your heart.


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