22 Aug 2014 21:57 How religion fails to wake us up

Without further ado, let`s get started with this important topic.
Firstly, religions are man-made, the Saints never made what they believe into some kind of a religion. The Saints who taught us about GOD, such as Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Confucious, etc, they never meant to call it religion, and they never meant that you can follow only one Holy book. Nope, its never like that. What they meant was that there is only one Truth, and that is clearly GOD or the Great Nature, or the Enlightened one, whatever names we have given, and all of them pointed to the same, the one and only Almighty GOD.

Secondly, religions contradict one another. Because religions are organized and made by man, thus religions contradict one another. However, the one and only Truth doesn`t change and shall always remains the same forever. Since religions contradict one another, with different ideas, different names for GOD, having different rituals, with different and bias perspectives, religions are unable to guide human beings correctly according to the Saints who taught them in the beginning.

Thirdly, religions make people stupid and unable to think clearly. Because religions are made and arranged by man, many details are unnecessary, many functions are dysfunctional, many talks are futile, many teachings are meaningless and useless for mankind in our daily lives. Give an example, religion “A” would always tell its believer to read only one Holy book and despise or never read other Holy books. Another example, religion “X” would always encourage its believer to sit and just pray for long hours. Instead of spending long hours spreading and learning the Holy books, different Holy books, and start the change in ourselves, and then start to change others, the long hours are spent meaninglessly. That clearly is futile and meaningless for our daily lives.

Fourthly, most religions (not all) do not tell people exactly where we come from, and where we shall go after this life. Some of the religions only tell people about Heaven and Hell, without actually understanding what these mean. Without understanding that there is life before us, that we, had lived in the past, without understanding that we shall live again in the future, without understanding past, present and future, some religions just ignore these serious topics. In truth, our present lives serve a purpose only because we have lived before, only because we are immortals with physical bodies, only because this life shall open a door for a future life for each of us. Some religions do not understand and never talk to people about these important and serious things. Without telling people where we come from and where we shall go, these religions are empty and meaningless, and have strayed far from the very essence that the Saints had taught us eons before.

Fifthly, religions never emphasize the goodness of being mankind, but always emphasize the wrongdoings of mankind. Regretful is not the only way to repent our sins, being punished is not the only way to overcome our regrets, nor praying is the only way to reach out for GOD. You see, a true repentance can make a person kneel down and call for GOD even when there`s noone around. But what`s happening nowadays is that we see people of different religions making different gestures while doing something. For example, a Catholic always does what before a meal? A muslim always does what while… ? We know all these, there`s no need for me to point out. Let`s admit it, we all do these and we really do not know why. If we really know why we do that, why we give those gestures, we would realize that the meals which are about to eat really should not contain animals flesh. Now, that`s another piece of startling information, and you must start to investigate the Holy books yourself. Animal flesh? And Love? And thankfulness to GOD? Really? Are you serious?

Sixthly, religions only make people worse because of the 5 points above.

To clear things out a bit, like I said previously, lay it down for a moment and think about what the Saints really wanted to teach us? They wanted to teach mankind about GOD, there`s nothing more, nothing less. Now, its your task, your fortay to find out what GOD means and what you are. Stop reading the Holy books like a 10-yearold kid, but start doing homework to search for the True meaning of Life, True meaning of the Holy Stream of Life, what is it? The True meaning of the Soul mountain, what is it? The True meaning of Noah`s ark, what is it? Just a boat? Of course NO! It`s a deep parable, and if you are a real Truth seeker, you ought to have understood it by now or soon. And the True meaning of Heaven, what is it? Where is it? Ask questions, don`t throw your thoughts to the empty space. Summon your soul, summon the Great Perceiver inside you, and start to ask questions like where have you come from? Don`t take the Holy water without knowing that all waters are Holy and divine, don`t read the Holy Bible without knowing that there`re many other Holy books, don`t call out to GOD without knowing that GOD is not someone to be called (GOD is everywhere, and not to be called upon), and please, don`t judge people of different beliefs from you without knowing that there is only one Truth and what others believe may be the same as what you believe.

By now, one should know the reasons why religions are unable to guide us to Salvation. If one cannot be awakened spiritually, one can never achieve Enlightenment. If one cannot achieve Enlightenment, one can never understand the Truth.


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