31 Jul 2014 20:56 Cosmological dusts, karmas and our world

There is a power in this universe, capable of bringing molecules, particles, dusts, things, people, animals, even worlds together. That power in our simplest word, is basically called karma. The nature of all karmas are good, but the outcome may not be good, might even be evil. You see, molecules come together to create particles, particles come together to create tiny colonies, colonies join together to create worlds; people come together for a reason whose nature is meant to be good even though the outcome may be evil. For example, when a chicken dies in horror from its killer while cutting its throat with knife and skinning it, the animal cries in somber silence, in the most terrifying cry of all, just before finishing its last breaths, it wants a sweet revenge, and it always does. In this case, the sense and cause of the karma is meant for the killer to understand that chickens also have emotions and should never had died the way it did, to let the killer learn good ways in life; however, the outcome may be the killer losing his limbs in the next life. Nevertheless, the meaning of karma, the nature of it is very just and wise.
The best way to learn our way in life is through karmas, there is none other better way than this, this is why nature always captures our attention, our fascinations, because it goes by the golden rule, the principle of Nature. With such power of nature, people and animals come together, without which, there is no meaning to live together in this lonely blue planet. There is such a way in nature that has such purposes, and all purposes have one thing in common, that is, they all serve according to the Law of Nature, and all Nature originates from the single One source, the Almighty GOD. Having said so, people should not be afraid to understand the callings from all karmas, everyone, every being that breathes and sleeps at night, all have our own karmas. Not only is it natural, but it is also divine and has a purpose for each of us. And how to notice our own karmas in real life? The best way to look at it and find it is to just take a look around, its always easier to find faults in others, and there you have it, just take a look around. Look at the news, listen to the news on TV, the disasters, the accidents, the people, the animals that die or are dying, look at all the pains and sufferings. Then, take a step backward and start to look ourselves in the mirror.
I seriously do not believe anyone is crazy or too stupid to understand what is happening around us, its just that not many people are paying attention to what`s going on. For what`s going on now is that humanity have lost entirely their most pristine, most precious treasure of all, that is the connection with their Creator. Just remember, what we learn here on Earth can be found in GOD`s kingdom: parents` love, love of children, caring for others, being compassionate for the sufferings, all these exist in Heaven, of course, hell they do!! The world we`re living in is an image, a projection of what can be seen in Heaven, only because humans have been sleeping long enough to recall everything, only because humans have gone too far from their Natural True Selves, and too close to Hell where evils come together. Well, yeah, people say that the world is going down, but I seriously wanna say that down is up. That is to say, humanity is supposed to flourish the most, with Faith and Hearts of compassionate the most as the world draws to an end. For if we do walk in the right path in our final days, that will be the day salvation meets our divine souls. There are no better way for GOD to do this, in this fashion shall those of Faithful hearts rise, shall all goodness rise and evils fall. In such glorious way, shall our story ends, and we have to be hurry to turn ourselves away from evils, away from jealousy, fames, moneys and corruptions.
Nothing can be gained out of true salvation, only those who are willing to walk in the right way, the way of GOD, can they be raised above Heaven, whose rational is also based on the Law of nature, just like karmas. Do not be blinded by people who tell you that you can gain something out of doing good, no, in truth, you gain nothing at all. But you have to do it, you do it because it is natural to do so, it is natural to be kind and compassionate, it is natural to love others, and so forth. What more can be said if until now, people still do not want to turn away, and walk away from their bad doings, bad tempers, bad attitudes, what more can be said if people still wanna act in such ways? Ask yourself.


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