25 Jul 2014 19:05 For this moment, lay down your religion

Words can be written down on woods, rocks, papers, minds can be expressed through words, wisdom can be brought down to generations to come by ancient knowledge, but not all things can be written down, carved, drawn or brought down as such. What I`m trying to say is that, although we see that many books, knowledge are wise and highly valuable, but they don`t mean everything a human being needs to follow or know. To put it simpler, for example, there are many Holy books which I truly sure they had been given to us by Saints and God in the past, however, they are not meant to be read and followed according to the written languages. Most of these Holy books are there for us to digest, understand and take action with Faithful mind and compassionate heart. One simple example, many religious people have said that they want to go to Heaven. OK, now, how do anyone think they could go to Heaven? By reading the Holy text? By going to religious institutions? By going to religious buildings? By telling people to read Holy text? By giving out leaflets with text from Holy books? You really think these actions can get someone to Heaven? You think God appreciate all these actions? For what good does it make when you take someone to a religious building? Yes, there is goodness in these actions, only if your actions could change another person`s bad attitude to a better one. There is goodness only if your actions make another person truly feel the presence of God, of having divine purposes. But, there is nothing if your actions are futile. Even worse if your actions make another person feel they`ll die if they don`t go to the religious building, if they don`t read the Holy books, if they don`t follow exactly what is said in the books. These are bad, really bad examples of what is going on in our daily “God-believing societies”. It shouldn`t have been this way.
To view my point in a more constructive way, it is really important that we don`t want to be lost in the religious world, frankly and truly, God is nothing religious. God is our true and natural way of Life, it is nothing religious, it has no name, and only those who know God knows His name. Only those who knows God shall bear His name on his/her forehead. There are no words to describe something that is natural and divine. So, why don`t we people, let`s lay down our religious minds for a moment. Let`s have this moment, as long as you can, so long that you could really understand what God is trying to say to you through books, not just Christians` books, but also Buddhists`, Hinduists`, Islamists`, Catholics`, all that are of divine origins, until you can really digest what is true Life, then you shall know that Holy books are not meant to be religious. They are meant to be meaningful, useful, to be guiding and leading, to be dynamic and thoughtful, to be compassionate and open-hearted, by all means, for us to be natural.


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