15:09 27 Apr 2014 The chosen destination

After all these seemingly reckless bad weathers that have been through, after all these happenings in the world of cosmological dust, after all these comings and goings throughout my calculated lifetime, after all these reunions and separations of time and spaces between me and the others, after all these rough waters I`ve been through, none of these matter anymore, after all of these, I still choose the kingdom of God.

If humanity have any other choice other than the God`s kingdom, I wouldn`t be surprised, for none of those are real, for none of those can bring our souls to the highest level of evolutional existence, which is salvation of one`s soul. If humanity could take life in a more serious way and more responsible way, we could see where our final destination lies, we could see all of these coming in a way that is invisible to our naked eyes. Only when humanity could open up the heart and start to consider things beyond the stratosphere in our cranial mind, if only humanity could start to put ignorance to its final resting place, just put it down, then humanity shall be able to see that there is a whole-new world right outside our materialistic world. Do not be trapped inside the Ember`s world, our soul must reach salvation, must achieve the true Enlightenment. Yes, Enlightenment, this is the only road to reach our final destination. However, know that our final destination cannot be reached physically, but through a cosmological time-scale. I name it so since I do not have a word for that kind of “world”, but I do know that it is certainly not physical. By cosmological time-scale, I mean that “time” is no longer just time, it is manipulated by light, but light is no longer light, light is manipulated by the space, but space is no longer physical or empty space, it is everywhere, everytime, every moment, this, is what I meant by cosmological, can only be verified by divine power. This, is the destination where our souls long to be all the time.

Thus, be stubborn not, be stupid not, be ignorant not, be arrogant not, be selfish not, be reckless not, be evil not, be full of desires not, for these are hefty for your souls, these are burdens to your souls, these are barriers for you internally and externally. Put these down then humanity can take another step closer to God`s kingdom, put these down, then humanity can have lighter and stronger footsteps.


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