13:20 25 apr 2014 The Light Bearers

Endlessly, mercifully, forgivingly, those footsteps are being heard again, ever lighter and ever steadier. These are footsteps of the Light bearers, the guardians of mankind for eons. They`re not out there, but are in here, among the crowds, amidst common people everday, all the time. It is said that eyes are windows for the Soul, so let those who see and feel the Light get acquantance with this Light, bright and shiny. Between the good and evil, justice prevails, with a little rise of modesty and a little downfall of arrogance, justice with Faith overcomes the evil inside us. Is this not clear enough? Between Heaven and Hell, existence as a human being springs to life on Earth, with a little rise of humanity and a little downfall of self-corruption, justice with conscientious overcomes the devil inside us. Is this not clear enough?

For though we`re only humans, but the greatest power of human being is our weakness, in particularly fear. Fear of thinking beyond oneself, fear of going outside the pandora box, fear of learning the Truth beyond causes and consequences, fear of learning that human beings can fly high with True wings, fear of becoming a divine person with wisdom, fear of becoming old and wise, fear of living beyond one`s supposedly age, fear of speaking to the great Perceiver inside us, fears fears and more fears. These are the consequences of following the norms of our society. Is this not clear enough? How else can this be put to say that this life is truly beyond what we can see and feel? How else can this be visible for you if this is not clear enough for you to see?

For truly, noone should live up to anyone`s expectation or rather, desperation. Instead, we ought to pick up the pieces of ourselves and start to think over again and again these pieces of puzzles we`re in. Know that there isn`t a mountain too high to climb, but there is a heart too difficult to cross over. There is still Hope, there is this Light that truly represents the divine, the subtle Glory of a kingdom that can only be in Heaven and beyond, know it, know it and go find it. People may say that we`re unable to catch the Light, but this is not true. A true human being is a true Life, a true Life can grow and mature with a pair of true wings, a true being can take flight with these true wings and soar into Heaven, this is the true image of a true Life. We`re not bound to the ground, that is not who we are. Know this, that this Light still exists, never lose your hopes, never.


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