13:29 14 Feb 2014 An act of postitive strength

Gravitation exerts forces that can move an object seemingly in the open space, likewise, we can also exert such forces that can move atoms and particles. Such forces exist normally, only that many people do not believe in it. Most people believe in evil forces, thinking that these are natural and powerful strength endowed to human beings by some kind of beings in the so-called other-worlds. In fact, there are forces greater than these evil and dark forces, there are far more greater force, that is positive, loving and caring for all. However powerful this positive force is, it all originates and comes from within ourselves. For one heart can unite thousands, one heart can enlighten a thousand souls, one heart, can do so many things compared to a thousand evil hearts. For love with justice conquers all, surpasses high up in Heaven as well as unfathomably deep in Hell, not to mention here on Earth. For love with wisdom opens up the gateway to immortality above all Heavens, shuts the wide-open door to Hell, beyond this you`ll not find any Truth. Such is the Truth, such is the path that leads to the Kingdom of GOD.
Begin now, your journey to eternal Life, step up your wakening gears, do not wait for the snow to pass off your window panes, or wait for sun to set in the West, now is the time, there is a path yonder, that leads to the Kingdom of GOD.


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