19 Jan 2014 12:00 Life in progression

Life experiences thus to most people, the meaning of life is what they experience since the day of their birth, for which beyond that is out of most people`s context of meaning of life. However, one should not agree that what we do not see do not exist, what life before us, what we were when we have not been born by our parents, whatever that we do not “see” with naked eyes do not explain to us whether we`ve been reincarnating for many lives before this life. Therefore, in reality, many hints and many experiences have implied that life is a dynamical cycle of experiences, this is why life is not simply an experience, but an exact record of what we have done on earth as in heaven or hell, whichever suits us.

Everything ever occurred or shall occur is recorded in the book of Life, we living humans are indeed the image of God,the living history of our kind. By realizing that there is such truthness in this progression of Life, that there is a higher purpose, a divine purpose for all that is happening around us, we then can truly progress in all aspects of our life in this life or the next.


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