12 dec 2013 11:48 Falling from Grace

What happens when all the lights are out? What happens when all the people in the audience seats are gone? What happens when all that we see became invisible, when noone could tell whether there`s light or not, day or night, winter or summer, what happens when all that we know became the unknown, the unseeable, the unfathomable? What else can we believe and have faith? What happens when those people who we thought are always there for us or with us have been gone or could not be found no more? To where shall we proceed and from where shall we begin?
In Truth, there`s no beginning and ending for all things, every little thing we see and experience in this phenomenal world is not real in nature. By nature, all things are created by GOD, the Highest Truth resides in the real nature itself, cannot be found in elsewhere. In this un-real world, all experiences are as illusive and mysterious as God who/ that can be found in everywhere, every corner, every living and non-living being. Which means, all that we ever had, ever will have, shall perish and pass away, but nature shall never pass away. By nature, we have a place to live in happiness which is called Heaven. Un-naturally, we have a place to go and play which is called the physical world. Nevertheless, not every beholder can see that which is wise and have deep wisdom, not every audience appreciates the amount of pain we`re going through in our daily life, not every man can see that gravity is unable to hold the entire Universe, and not every being can understand the grace of all living essences. For vision is narrow when one assumes that he/she is superior than others, knowledge becomes trash when one has no grace no gratitude, riches become feaces when one has no compassion no conscientious for others. These should be clear enough, to know that one is on the wrong path.
Falling from grace, this is not a fairy tale. Its true and very real. Angel never falls from grace, its the mind that can tilt the balance between good and evil. Between good and evil, either way we choose is never good enough, never. Only overcoming good and evil can raise our soul back to grace, back to the right path. Only surpassing the good-evil mind could we rise and stand up straight again. Rise again, the son of man shall rise again to see the Sun. Rise, before we run out of life in this final hours of our universal lifetime.


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