29 June 2013 19:10 Am I the one founded by myself?

Hour of darkness has come, shadows everywhere, chaos upon every corner, every step out of the way evil gives in or rather, we let it in. Is this the hour? Is this the moment we`ve been waiting for? Have not those hearing ears heard the calling in the wind? The tidings from afar yet within ourselves? The sound of the world… is making a calling… and has been around eons in mankind`s waking hours… and listen, its still here, can you hear it? Can anyone hear it?

There is Truth out there, but cannot be found. Because the Truth must be sought from within. So is the calling comes from within this mortal self which lies inside the immortal soul. At this darkest moment of our world, why should anyone not able to bear this sense of wanting to know the Truth? What is wrong with us mankind? Do we not want to be loved? be justified? be wise to one another? be responsible for our weakness? be strong for our future? be an honorable, respected living legacy of our kind? We must truly ask ourselves, where have we gone wrong? Then, start to find the key to the answer.

Once you have found the lost key, you`ll find that there`re territories no man has ever wandered, no ships have ever anchored. Go, find this key, once you have found it, your every waking up in the morning shall never be the same. You`ll find that there`re lives everywhere, gradually, you`ll learn to respect every living thing more than you had ever done before. When you have understood what are the meanings of these words, you will know where to begin. Remember, always tell yourself: be the one to find yourself, for noone except you could do it for you.


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