5 June 2013 19:12 Gotta get over it, get it done, get up and keep on moving!!!

Being misunderstood, sad, down, upset, unhappy, completely empty, moderate, fine, okay, feeling totally out of this world, overwhelmingly excited, truthfully undaunted, strong, determined… … anything u might be feeling right now, trust me, u got to get over it asap. To be honest, feelings are truly unreal, totally surreal yet at the same time seem so true. The sense of all feelings make each of us aware of our own existence, yet these feelings ought to be more of a kind of accesory rather than necessary. Believe me or not, but u have to think about it, don`t let ourselves forever entangled in the fabric of ups and downs in the wonder-world of so-called feelings. Think about it, after so many times u feel sad or overly determined, after so much so huge amount of feelings, have these feelings really made u a better person in real life? If no, then we ought to be more aware of how our feelings might take control of us which should never occur. Instead, we should be the one taking control over all feelings, not the other way round.

Upon each time of every contemplation we have, upon every moment we have with ourselves, we can never let our body/actions be driven simply by the wheels of feelings, rather, our mind have to remind the heart where feelings are centered to not over-react to certain circumstances. This kind of incident may seem to be very simple, but in fact, anything could happen if an individual misuses the freedom of feelings and freewill. Many people mistake both feelings and freewill to be equal, in fact, they are not.

This is how it should have been: both feelings and freewills are a kind of freedom, but neither of them gives way to the other. That is to say, freewill lacks the knowledge of wisdom/wise thoughts, but the foundation of all feelings is based on thoughts, which means all feelings must have derived from a mind with knowledge of greater/lower wisdom, it is very unlike what freewill has to offer. In short, if everyone could work on our feelings more wisely, don`t just throw out any kind of feelings, then many incidences or I should say accidents could be avoided. One leap of anger could get us into big trouble, likewise, one thought of coolness could save us from trouble, and in some cases, might even lead us to certain level of salvation.


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