4 may 2013 00:46 Together we can do this… we can make a change to this world

Life is really rough and is going through so many things right now. Not a superhuman, never were I born a fighter, but I`m a survivor, that`s the most I can say. That`s what usually makes me stand out from the crowd most of the time, its that endless spirits, that positive energy, that flame of life which burns like forever, that can make a person truly a human being, a true survivor on this chaotic happening surface.

If only more and more people could understand what I`m trying to say, what I`m trying to tell everyone in the world is this: please give ourselves one more chance to repent, and start to make changes from within, instead of looking for everything outside.

There are three main reasons why our repentance is necessary:
1. Without repentance, our soul cannot seem to reveal itself
2. Without repentance, our true natural self is overtaken by our evil self
3. With repentance, our eyes could see through the cosmic dusts, layer by layer.

Well, that`s what I call one of the main essences of being a human. Just think like this for a moment: Whatever happens, or has happened to each of us, we have to consider it as a part of the cosmic dusts surrounding us, it happens because those dusts were aroused by someone in this life or perhaps, in the past. Now take these following words seriously: there is no smoke without a fire. What we see is happening or we saw before, there is a fundamental root of cause for it to occur, that is how we ought to be able to see through.


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