16 mac 2013 14:04 Never cross the line of nature, stay humble and modest… …

What is the first and foremost thing any one would do at the start of each day? Nope, you`re wrong, its definitely not running down the stairs, grab a breakfast and off to do something; rather, its taking your first breath, your first step of that day… well of course! Thats what its all about, its all about living your life fully and gratefully, there`s really nothing else more important than having a single day full of energy and joy. That is really what we all need and would want to do every single day, yes, thats right, every single day. If one follows closely on how each of our day dawns by morning and sets by night, one would see a kind of rhythm, like a cord being stroke against our pole of existence in this universal field. As human beings, we`re always looking the outside of us, we`re always reaching out there to experience what we think is real because that is basically what existence is about — experience.
With every step, every little thing we do, these steps and little things always carry a sense of the yester-existence, its like these are not really things we want to do or say, its more like most of the things we do or say are being done or said from our memory, like we`ve done or said long before. If we could try to break ourselves free from such experiences and try to be ourselves, we could always be closer to a more harmonious rhythm of life, which is nature. By nature, what I really mean is the way of nature, not just the senses or reasons, not what we can see/observe or reason/judge in nature, I mean the way nature is. For example, A drop of water would fuse with the ocean and become one in harmony, there`s basically no reason why. However, a drop of oil would also seem to “fuse” with the ocean to become one, but the result would not be so harmonious, one would still see the drop of oil in the ocean, there`s basically also no reason why this happens. By nature, I mean if one tries to explain these phenomena in so-called “scientific terms”, it would be very awkward, the one who explains it in such a way would be so naive to nature itself since nature is so much more than what he/she could explain. The one who does so would seem like a 6-year-old looking at a tiny animal`s bone fragment and trying to tell the world that he`s found the relic of an unknown mysterious creature.
That is really what this experience is all about, as human beings, we have to, we must be able to see through all these obstacles, these illusions, these experiences for us. By seeing through, our day would be full of energy and joy. By seeing through, we could be that ocean as well as that drop of water. By seeing through, we could be more than just beings of mere senses and tempers, we could be more than that and closer to the rhythm of nature which dances like an eternal flame.


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