31 Jan 2013 23:56 Stretching my arms wide across the universe

There`s a distance between every thing in life, we all know about that. There`s a distance between the biggest and the tiniest thing in our world, in all the entire universes. Whichever way whichever place we choose to be, there`s a distance between us and something/someone else. But its not bad to feel that way, its actually pretty nice! By having a distance, or a space between two physical objects or beings, it tends to bring out the other side of our mentality. Ever heard of what the heart could do when it feels lonely or all by itself? The heart goes way beyond our imagination. The heart would connect us with some other things or places or people, so that we think we`re actually there, just like in a second, BOOM, the distance disappears right away! That`s what the heart does, the most amazing part of our body!
Now, if we try to put that kind of sensation/emotions into our actual mode of thinking process, how would that be? It would be something like this: 1. try stretching your arms/legs and start to contemplate upon the distance between your arms and the distance between two worlds apart. 2. try taking a slow sip from the cup with hot tea and begin to ponder upon the distance between the slippery tea and your lips and the distance between the andromeda galaxy and the orion belt. 3. try talking to someone on the phone and start thinking about the distance between the two of you and the distance between your middle and index finger… hmmm. Once you have done all these kind of mind stuffs, you`d realize that the distance actually makes you become more comfortable with where you are. You kinda have better view and understanding of your surrounding which is great.
You see, the point is, our mind is actually more than what we think it is: just cranial brain matter? Nope, it is definitely more than that. One should try to expand the wilderness, the capacity of the mind by taking up various mode of thinking for the mind. In other words, one should always learn to think wisely and think outside of the little box.


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