31 Jan 2013 00:20 Feeling nostalgic… …again?

way into the cpsmos!
way into the cosmos!
Have u guys ever had the feeling of being close to something that is really not there by your side? i mean like not physically close but mentally and psychologically close to something that does not even exist in the physical reality? But just the feeling of being there somewhere? in some place some time with someone u know? When u finally realize that u`re having this kind of feeling, what does that tell u? Well, a lot of us would begin to feel like being hit in the head, because there`s always this fact that tells us that anybody who tends to have this kind of feeling means that he/she`s getting old… oooo… so painful, ouch! Now, do u get that? Its all there is, the feeling shall never leave u once u have got one of these feelings, so don`t feel bad about it, its just the way it is, the way it has to be.


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