24 Jan 2013 00:30 For those born in the 80s, this is our fortay!!!

Kids from the 80s, we`ve seen a whole lot through the early and late 1980s, we`ve been there during the Gulf war in the 1990s, we`ve been through the Y2K moment of cyber-madness, now we`re all here getting along pretty well beyond 2012, such a year of wonder and fantasy! Everything we left behind us are of the yesterday, the yester-minds and the yester-thoughts, right now at this moment we are all here to make a change for this world. In truth shan`t we? In justice shan`t we? In trust shan`t we to take hold of this world in our hands? Have those of you who were born in the 80s ever realized that yet? The fact that we`re the future or I should say right now that we have responsibilities to carry on and legacy to hand down to? Has anyone of you realized that yet? If no, those of you should have known at least starting from now on. There is something about this world, about us, about our generation that cannot be waited, something that can change this world, that is what I`m talking about. In the past 20 years, I felt that there has been a shift of global understanding of reality. More souls were being born than ever before, more people have become aware of their identity, of who they really are and why they have come to existence in this lifetime. Have you ever wondered who you really are? If no, you ought to. Life really exists beyond this physicality,beyond flesh and blood. More people have realized that money is not the only thing in life, there is just too much to know to understand to learn if one is willing to let go of the many materialistic concepts about life.

To say the least, like me, those of you who are now in your late 20s and early 30s should be able to bear this responsibility. There is still hope that we could make this world a better place to dwell for our lifetime. There is no need to look further, we are the holders of this world at this moment, take this chance, take it and make a promise to ourselves that we could make a change for humanity.


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