19 Dec 2012 13:02 Protecting planet Earth from destruction

Imagine yourself as a warrior in a middle of an aged-old universe, scathed and trapped within the soul of the once fluorished universe, only now that all the prospect of being a livable planet seems so afar. Only now that the universe that conceives us all along has the one and only chance to demonstrate herself, to let her dwellers know that she is living and is very unwell, only now that the time has come of age and experience that no mortals have ever known, only now… that the time has come, and so be it, let it come. If only you knew you were that brave warrior who`s now standing amid this strange universe and on this strange piece of planetary land, if only you knew, how could you have ignored it? How could you have stayed unalerted and unprepared for that which you could not perceive and foresee? How could your olden heart while still wide and awake, not know that something is coming and that it is unforeseen? If only you let yourself open up that door to wisdom, and lessen your ignorance and stubbornness, otherwise, you the supposedly warrior would never find solace in regrets, never.

Faithfulness, justification, righteousness, honor with divine purpose, which one could a human being not find it in the most fundamental truth of its very own existence? That, is not an imagination nor is it an enactment of hypocrisy, that is the fundamental meaning of all living experience. Grab that principle and never let it go, whatever one does, never go against that principle and try not to even if you had thought about leaving it. Do not always belittle all that is around you, all that is present around you has a deep meaning of existence in this plane of existence. Don`t even try to take pride in everything you do because everyone is capable of doing what you can achieve, what you ought to take pride in doing is to understand that principle, feel it and perceive it everyday.

There is this saying that says: every oak is once an acorn. The greatest pride in understanding this line of virtue is knowing that I myself and you yourself is not even an oak yet. Where do your roots come from and where shall they go? Once you know that you`re not even close to that point of the greater wisdom, how could you not be cautious in things that you do? Without knowing the flow, the dynamics of nature, where in that piece of broken, barren, untamed, desolated,  destituted land do the hell load of self-pride/ self-esteem come to exist? Isn`t it just an illusion? Think about it.

For the moment of truth is always here where one is standing. Embrace it, that holy ground of truth and wisdom, no more heresays of junks told by the mass media of celebrities of extremely unhealthy stream of scientific lies and undercover stories that do not give a fling about your very special existence. Value that silence and grace that the TV or radio stations can never bring to you. For the one last thing to do while one is still alive and breathing is to stay on that holy ground till the time comes to an end itself and starts anew in other plane of existence. Stay there and be strong, no one would be able to do anything for you, it is you, you are the one who holds the key to eternity, to immortality.


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