18 sept 2012 13:57 It is… but our imaginations

there is no war, there is no rage, there is no anger, there is simply nothing that is tangible, there is only illusion on our mind, inside our blood in fusion with the flow of our dynamics, yeah, only illusion.

Be deceived not, in this hour of the time; be stubborn not, in this rush hour of faith and truth; be hypnotized not, in this air full of monstrous media lusts and faked human souls. Be yourself, in this very moment, for this is indeed the most important part of our life. To seek, not to wonder; to have faith not to believe; to love not to pretend; to give not to take; to thank not to dishonor, such is the foundation of knowing the highest Truth, such is the only way to not hold back ourselves.

I`ve always liked this saying: the love that you withheld is the pain in you.


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