4 sept 2012 02:25 Can`t take my eyes off…

… everything.

Surprisingly, I`m still awake at this moment of the after-midnight hour. Wonder is not the word to describe my feelings, the word is ( ), basically no words. I`m all through-and-through with so many things, so many good things on my way, I can`t hold it up no more, still I have to, in order not to let myself slip. Thoughts aren`t criminal acts but lack of innocent thoughts could incriminate the souls. That`s how close we are from our mind to our soul.

Cherish it, or else everything go perish without the slightest of our concern. Treasure it, whatever it is, or else every pleasant pleasure turns reckless and harmful towards the self. That`s all for the little bit of incomprehensibly amazing sense of happiness for tonight, and every other night.


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