17 June 2012 11:33 Let`s just say these are strange phenomena

Prophets, false prophets, real prophets, preachers, religious groups, messengers of God, let us think for a moment, which one have ever given you a sense of appeal once in your life? Be honest, have you ever wondered why these people are not able to let your soul advance? All they could give you are prayers and prayers and prayers, all day long, just prayers. People, think for a moment, what are you guys praying for??? Why do you pray all the time at all religious institutions and yet you still do not follow the path of true wisdom, the path of God?

Well, do you really think that by praying to God, simply by having faith in God is the path of God? Is it only that?Is it not that most people are just following what the supposedly prophets or preachers have told them to do? Honestly, ask yourselves these questions: why do you want to pray to God? Why do you answer to the ministry of these so-called preachers in the public in the name of faith? Do you not have faith in God yourself? How many times in your life have you tried to search for true wisdom other than just going to religious services? How many times have you deeply repented your sins other than just praying to God? Are your repent more or lesser than your prayers?

We have to understand that when you pray, you are asking for God to help you, why in the world do you think God would like to help anyone? Who told you that we could be so selfish? So inconsiderate? While all you do is praying, mother nature is unleashing her wonder of wrath upon the Earth, yet all you do is praying!! Get down to your knees and repent, do not pray or ask more from God or from mother nature, that is really not the path of God so as many religious people have told you.

To be in the path of God, one has to first have peace with oneself. Like the man in the mirror, but that man is not your true self, that man in the mirror is your physical appearance, nothing more. Your true self is your soul, its eternal, its been here in the past life, it might be here again in the next life, through many many lives, now you`re in that appearance, so that is you in the mirror not your true self. To be in God`s path, one has to find the specks in oneself, not in others. What are the specks? Anger, pride, arrogance, jealousy, self-disrespect, irresponsible for one`s act, all negative emotions are indeed the specks in you. Do you not want to remove all these specks before you judge or ridicule others? Before you even pray to God? If you had so many specks, how are you going to have peace within you? Then, how in the world you`re going to be in God`s path?


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