12 May 2012 00:50 Do not believe in concept, but the real cause of everything…

Concept, meaning an idea or an image of something/someone a person truly believes in and lives with.

For example, obesity is a concept. It is not a real problem, but a mere concept, if one wants to understand what is obesity, one has to go down/up the hill of denials and lies to find the real cause of obesity, not just blaming on the foods in markets or industries who produce them. Well, the real cause is this: the people in high authority control the food industry and want s only profits and profits and profits, and the result is cheap food. And it doesn`t end here, what happens next is that  the industries are in fact supported by consumers, because we buy these foods and many of us love these foods. Not in the least, our souls are deeply in connection with all these bad foods and thats why we`re unable to say NO to it. Thats why the real problem is indeed, OURSELVES!

Another example is formal education. Education we are being given in all schools worldwide is just a concept, nothing but concept!! Education at schools teach history of warlords, bloody kings and warriors, deadly wars, destructive weapons, all history textbooks worldwide glorify wars, glorify killers with an international stage: in written words so that our children read them, recite them over and over again.  I must say this to you all: these are all mere blank concepts, mankind falls everytime the children recite those poems of victory in wars and fighting between tribesmen. The truth, the cause of how our education has become as such is because we are still using the obsolete system!! WE need a reform for all education worldwide!! The reason is simple, we, our souls are required to advance spiritually, however, the mere contents of ALL our education is negative, nothing but negativity! This cannot go on anymore, it has to be changed! But how? Teach our kids about the past, but never glorify those who kill, teach them about God and the meaning of killing, NOT the phenomena of killing!!! Its so absurd!

Now, do anyone understand what a world we`re living in? Yes, we`re living in a world of concepts, that means we are all facing unreal problems, we are all facing unreal solutions to unreal problems, we`re still in denial. Do you not want to wake up right now and face the real cause of problems? Do you not want to be responsible for your own problems and learn to deal with them with a conscious mind?


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