1 May 2012 00:47 Seriously, do anyone really believe in genetic disease???

Think about it yourself: every time scientists diagnose a disease, how many chances that the feedback you`d get in return would be: oh, its a genetic disease, its in the gene!

In my understanding, the question we ought to be asking is not: what is the disease?

Instead, the question we ought to ask is: why is the gene not normal? what is the cause of its abnormality?

Have you ever wondered what causes cancer? Oh, yeah, its due to abnormal cancerous growth of cells. Oh, yeah, its because there is a gene being turned off or on, causing abnormal cell growth. Oh, yeah, its due to someone from the family. Oh, yeah, its family medical history, its nothing strange, its just the gene. We just have to find the cure.

To be honest, I can assure everyone that 100% of so-called genetically-led cancers or diseases are not so complicated in the name of gene. Have you ever wondered: why is that gene A being shut off? Who shut it off? How come genes do not perform their functions? You see, as I point it out to you, I just want people to think for themselves, all that we see and hear from our scientists and doctors and even educators are just the CONSEQUENCES of a cause that is higher in nature. All the consequences are resulted from a single higher purpose CAUSE!! ALL! The cause has a higher purpose in nature. I give an example: all the rotations, the positions of planets are just the consequences of a higher cause, which means: there is a purpose for existence of the planet in that particular position. Our Physics, Maths, all equations help us explain those consequences, Physics explain the distances between 2 planets, but Physics can NEVER explain the higher purpose of the planets` existence, NO, NO, it CANNOT!

By now, I hope that it is much clearer to you all of what I`m saying. The higher cause, the cause that has a special purpose is always related to the higher being, the one called God, the natural cause of all things. But, DO NOT be misunderstood, I do not mean that the higher being has made these causes, remember, the higher being has already given us the power of free-will!! And we are using the power of free-will to create our own causes. Basically, the consequences we get are the results of the cause we have created by our own free-will, we might not have created it in this life, but certainly, we have created it in our past lives.

Now, think again, do we still want to mesmerize ourselves with what the media, the scientists want to tell us? Based on the mere consequences that the scientists analyze for us? Do we want to believe in these things? Or do we want to create a cause that shall give good and beneficial consequence? Think about it…


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