28 Apr 2012 19:06 Righteousness shall be restored!

This era is not for epical arbitrary of dark, evil, devilish enactment of heroic deeds. The dark days are heading towards the end where there shall be no return. Those days are gone, and new bright, enlightened era is about to begin. Already, the dark and evils are feeling the fear for soon the new era will take its toll upon the olden days. No longer shall there be evils, for evils spread terror, fear and despise God. Slowly as we advance, the dark savory forces of the evils would begin to fade for each step we have taken. Like bricks being molded in molten heat, the hardest bricks could built a tower filled with dark evils, but one by one the brick shall fall when the strength of the ocean rises. For the strength of ocean represents multitude of righteous armies. Do not make a sound, do not sleep no more, stay awake, observe carefully in your heart, look out for the signs of fear, look out… the armies are coming, the ocean is coming, they`re coming…



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