28 Apr 2012 18:29 Feeling the Guardian of Planet Earth above our heads

surviving is no longer the pursuit of self-esteem or self-respect, but the action of someone in a brutally vandalized civilization.

One word to describe the mind, the action of a human being: mischievious.

A few days ago, as I drove my motorbike down a street in the city where I`m staying, I came to a stop by the traffick lights for around 1 minute. As I was resting my hands on the handles of my motorbike, I aimlessly looked around me. There were around 10 people, a few of them seemed to be in their 50s and many seemed to be in their 30s, all dressed in colorful clothes and shoes. I stared a while unwittingly at an old woman who seemed to be very pleasant in appearance, I guessed she must have have one or two grand kids, this was what came across my mind. Then, I looked up into the bright afternoon clear blue sky. And I was like… … wow… its so bright!!! It was like there was nothing in the sky, only white and high altitude clouds! The feeling was soooo  AMAZING, it was like more than a year or so I didn`t see the sky with my own eyes, how terrible yet how sweet!

As I was doing this, the lights were going from red to green, I took my eyes off the wonderful sky and looked back down on earth and saw the same people I saw just now, there was just so much contrast: the people on earth and the bright sky, people are so tainted in hearts and souls but the later one is so amazingly clear and beautiful inside-out!


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