28 Apr 2012 01:10 The truth about the coming of Jesus Christ

To be frank to anyone, everyone who have been taught the idea or the philosophical idea, or the notion or the teaching that someone from over 2000 years ago would come back to somehow help or save those who follow the heavenly Father`s way, to be honest, this is not true at all.

The truth is: Jesus Christ was trying to tell people that he had good faith for all people all nations because he wanted to teach people to repent from their sins, he wanted to let people understand that God exists and that to follow to love God is the only way to the kingdom of heaven. Because of his willingness to help or to teach people how to get to the kingdom of God, he was willing to return to reincarnate on this world again when he had died. He would come back as a human being through reincarnation, but not to present himself as some sort of a king or alien from above the clouds, no, not at all! That was the truth of what Jesus Christ was saying. That is all there is!!!

Human race, if you have a heartbeat that you still feel it, please listen to your own heartbeat carefully, please do not be deceived easily by what you read, what you saw, what you have been taught or even what your own close family have told you. Please ask all your questions to yourself, do not pound your troubles, your questions towards Jesus or towards God or any other spirits. That is not what Jesus has taught us or even prophet Muhammed or Buddha. All the saints have taught us to be responsible for ourselves we have to be our own masters. The real masters of ourselves is not someone who is superior in anyway, but is someone who is spiritually advanced and more mature. In order to become spiritually more mature, we ought to understand the ways of God and the ways of the nature, for example the ways of planets ` revolution and all lives that live on these planets.

Just remember, there`s never been the coming back of Jesus Christ, never! Jesus has already been reincarnated on this planet Earth several times and he might have done many good deeds all his life since his physical death over 2000 years ago, that is and has always been his promise, his honor in being the son of God (so is each of us, all of us!!), and right now, it is you who should ask yourself: WHAT is YOUR promise? WHAT is YOUR duty on this planet?


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