6 Apr 2012 23:45 There is no such thing as non-believers, only ignorance

Many people would tend to act like they are up to something really intelligent in their head, always staying easy and calm while others talk about stuffs like UFOs, people from other dimensions/worlds and so forth, they would rather be skeptic about these things than to try to see what is actually going on. These people would say they don`t believe in these or that thing, don`t believe in God or the divine, they `d call themselves the non-believers because they have the mind to reason and to think critically.

The point is, most people who tend to act in this way do actually believe in these phenomenas deep inside but they `d try every tactic to avoid telling people what they really believe in simply because they do not want to or don`t understand the matter well. They follow what the media tells them, make use of all internet information and personal stupidity to despise all phenomenas` happenings before even trying to understand. Because the media and frontline people in our society such as scientists, doctors, people from the government are setting a kind of norm in our entire society. This norm is frabricated in very intricate details of what those frontline people have to say, everything they say they know or don`t know is the trend, the fashion, the motivation, and of course, the belief system. If a person is not willing to think for him/herself more all the time, he/she would go with the trend. If the trend goes down, the person would hide and duck in somewhere where there is no light, where fire and darkness share comfort with his/her soul. If the trend somehow goes up, for example, once in a while we`d hear news of “someone experiences near-death incidence, came back and saw angels….” something like this in the news headline, the non-believers would tend to show their mind which is by all means shallow and all they really have to show is all they know, nothing deep. That is how people are and we all know it very well.

In this time of the era, in this age, this dimension, we have all experienced God`s mercy all the time, there`s really no need to be so timid, so shallow and so critically self-absorbed. But we`ve got to let ourselves to experience more of God`s mercy, which is very simple, by the end of the day, the very thing we have to do is to show ourselves in front of God, and also the pure soul of our mother Earth. From them, we get our life and soul, do people really ask themselves: how come I never seen God before?  Or perhaps, most people are just asking: how come God doesn`t do these things or that thing? Many things that people say always carry another meaning, and is usually more sinister and more childish but people tend to hide it. This is how ignorant many people are, not how non-believing people are. To say the most, there has never been a problem of believing or not believing, but the face value of this “problem” is the token of a deeper problem, which is ignorance. That is all there is.



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