19 Feb 2012 21:57 NO more child abuse, this has to be stopped


Love this song so much! I guess the song says it all, child abuse includes: mentally, emotionally and physically.

It`s been a process of growing up and coming to terms to all things in my life, however, I`ve got to say that I`ve been completely healed long time ago, I`ve been approached by an angel and that angel saved me. Anyone who`s been through this process whether physically or emotionally knows that the healing process is always hard and long. If you ever had this experience in life, don`t ever turn the pain to yourself, but let it go, let your soul be free, let your dreams go with the blowing wind and spread your wings high! Just keep your head up and move on, sooner or later, maybe a year or even 10 years later, you`ll find yourself a better and stronger human being. That is the kind of feeling of eternal blessing, that is what and where God wants us to be.



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