7 Jan 2012 20:27 It cannot be awaited anymore

Too soon to say what I`m obliged to say? Too immature to tell people about something that`s at a global and universal scale of importance? Too young and inexperienced to do what I`m born to do on Earth? Maybe, and maybe not. Frankly speaking, I don`t know.

People, try to stay closer to the truth, to the path of true wisdom and faith for God. Do we still have time to wait and stay ignorant as most people are? Do we still have plenty of time to play and fool around with God and our own true selves? Do we really think we still have enough time? The answer is no, we do not. We do not have enough time if we want to grow up and evolve, but we still have plenty of time if we still manage to fool around in this cartwheel of karmas, if we really want to continue to do so, yes, you can say we have plenty of time!



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