17 Dec 2011 18:10 The truth about wisdom of our universe

Have no fear towards ourselves in what I`m going to say right here at this moment. The truth about this life, about this planet, about our galaxy, about everything that we think we are, all are experiences that are recorded inside our memory. This memory is forever, it is like information kept at the back of our heads, we could retrieve it whenever wherever. But, for retrieving each information, we must have the password to it, and the password to recall such spiritually recorded information is one word: love. With anger, with ignorance, with irresponsible sentiments, we can not access these universal or I`d call it collective conscious information. With anger, ignorance and all other negativeness, what we would find would be an endless sea of karmas loaded upon your shoulders. With negative intentions, eyes would see no wisdom and ears hear no God.

The reason why we`ve come to this habitation as we are dwelling upon right now is that each of us has the opportunity (not rights), to take the path to endless wisdom. Until we get ourselves to this path, our journey here in this habitation, this earth would end. Before we`re there, we must learn about our universe, our solar system, our planet in order to understand this one-way path. This path to endless wisdom, in short, to enlightenment is one-way, once we`re there, there`ll be no turning back. The fact why it is so difficult to understand our universe, even our own planet is that most people are denial, are ignorant, thus they are unable to find the password to retrieve all these collective information which exist here all the time! In order to have the password, it involves our thought with wisdom of this universe, that means we ought to learn to respect all nature, all plants/animals, mountains, rocks, etc. It involves having full-time experience with God, that means to enjoy God`s presence all the time, to be happy for God`s mercy, to engage our daily life with God`s presence is the most important key to have the password. Without all these involvement of ourselves with our planet and God, we shall never understand the meaning of love, thus, we cannot access the collective conscious information.

Anyone who is seeking the truth, seek no further than yourself. We see and hear so many chaotic things are going on, we see so many figthings between religious groups, we have so many casualties from drug users, we have so many cases of the “UFO phenomenas”, we have so many suicidal cases and so on and so on. If anyone still have the faith to seek the truth, don`t stop, and begin from yourself. Before you open your mouth to criticize or deny God`s presence, think for yourself first! Leave behind those information which are presented to us on TV or internet or even in our school textbooks. Please, use our brain to think for ourselves, be independent, grow up and evolve!

Once we have been very close to understanding mother earth and God, we shall know the way to access our own collective conscious library. Once we are able to understand our universe, then, our eyes and ears would be opened.


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