10 Dec 2011 14:29 Our daily news…


This is basically our daily news frontpage. Which are the things being reported here seem to be related to our daily health, our daily life, our daily concerns? Does Paris Jackson know you personally? Or has Eddie Murphy done anything to make him a role model to you? I guess many people recognize Angelina Jolie, a superstar, a good mother. Does she give her efforts to help our planet a better place to live in? Basically, I do not have the answers, only the readers could decide for themselves.

Information are good if it informs us of something relating to our concerns, but why are so many trash information getting in our way all the time, yet many people are buying all the trash information? To entertain ourselves? To save us from boredom? Errr… …very well, why and how could anyone get bored of life in the first place? Do we really need these “colorful but meaningless” papers/news to keep us locked up in our own forever boredom? Think about it.


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