3 Dec 2011 14:12 The truth about living your own life

I find it funny that sometimes when people disagree with someone else`s  view, they tend to yell at others to get their own life and stop commenting about a 3rd party`s situation. I mean, come on, think about it, when we say something like that, do we really think we have our own life? But, its also a good point that we sometimes argue with others on behalf of ourselves, it shows that we are really thinking about something. Its not that we do not have our own life, but its that our true own life really do not belong to ourselves, but it belongs forever to the higher Being, the Eternal being called God. This is not something to be believed in or not, it is not a belief, it is a true fact, a true existence by all means. A true presence that guides all universal laws, all universal living things. It supasses all cranial reflections and all physical existence, it is the highest achievement of all living beings, the most important essense of life in its own sense. This, is the true life which belongs to us and to God.

Right now, planet Earth is facing a trauma, a great trauma because Earth has been incubated with many distorted, badly damaged souls. These damaged souls require thousands of lives to heal or they may even never be healed unless with interference from the higher beings, the ones with higher wisdom above me. Really, in reality, whenever people start to think that they have their own life, all to themselves, this is really wrong, this is not right at all. Why do I say this? Why do I think so? Because from the teachings I`ve been receiving since I was a child from an invisible higher being, I have never been told that I have a life of my own. I had to follow this path that had been given to me as an opportunity or I shall lose it all to nothing, there is really no “me” alone, but it is always “me and God”. Beside from this path, beside from “me and God”, the other path is really a hollow, endless tunnel, where darkness reigns. However darkened it seems to be, there is always a burning light when we seek the true life, the true wisdom.

However, I want to be more precise if I could be in regards to the true life. In my knowlegde, this domain of knowing does not apply any oppositions in all the terms I try to describe. In short, when I say true, I do not think about the opposite of true, really, there is not fake or falseness in this realm of knowing. In the new domain/realm of knowing, there is no duality, because duality of all things cease to exist once and for all. Right now, I do not have the words to use because our language is developed from duality concepts. So, when I say true, I mean it is the only one that is the truth, all buts, or, perhaps, however and maybe there is an opposite to something just cannot be sustained.

For example: Person A and person B saw a film in the Youtube wesite and the two start to give comments. Person A finds person B to be annoying and tells B to “go get your own life!”. The reason might be: person A thinks that maybe B is a silly person, a nerd, an idiot. That means person A is not thinking in the shoes of person B, but is thinking for him/herself, yet A still thinks that he/she is being quite polite to B. You see, here the situation of the 3rd party which is the one in the film is not considered, and in the new domain of knowing, we just do not have to think about the 3rd party to understand the matter. I would first reflect on the two who fight with one another and go straight into the problem. The problem is, there is really nothing to fight about in the first place, nothing! Why do people always have to fight about others` opinions with words that are bad and negative? Consider this, words with bad influence are only going to generate more and more karmas, why do we want to generate karmas in the first place? If the people in the film are really that bad, that irrespective, let them be. As viewers, we ought to put down our duality concepts, so that we can see further. You see, what I`m trying to say here is that: there are no two sides of everything, this is but our imaginations. In this case, both person A and B could show their opinions but no risky arguments are necessary.

The truth about our life is also likewise, there is only one path that leads to eternity, the other path which people think: life ends at death, is just simply not the path which I`m talking about. The other path which states that life ends at death just never existed, it never did, it is but an illusion, it is but our greatest imaginations and highest ignorance. Think about it.


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