27 Nov 2011 19:38 The truth about karma

From what I have learnt through my experience with my higher self in each day, I have learnt that everything we do, we think, we speak, I notice that most people don`t think about what are coming out of their mouths or minds. Most people think and talk the same thing they had done in their past lives. The reason why I know that is because when I try to feel their energy, their energy is full of fear frequencies, instead of love. These people are in a state of constant trauma, constant sorrow, constant fear but the problem is, they don`t even know the kind of situation they are in!!  Which is very very kind of sad, for me. It is their karmas and they still ignore them!

At the moment, I certainly have not fully understood how to change the way people think, but I do know where to start. Education is a very important element in everyone`s life and I`m starting from here. In my conscious mind, our education in schools and homes are trying to teach people how to stick to the karmas, instead of understanding karmas. What do I mean by this? I mean: all textbooks are written by man, all details, all so-called inventions or discoveries are made by man, how can these help our children learn from the great Eternal being, God, the Divine being? It is impossible!!  Look at how the history textbook teach us, it glorifies human`s atrocious acts in the name of wars, warriors, kings, slaves and dead people. Look at how our language textbook teaches us, it pictures the great minds, great thinkers, great philosophies, it summarizes all affections, all but only strong emotions into hearts of the readers. Look at how our science textbook teaches us, it honors all visible things that we see, and tell everyone that this is the truth, this indirectly tells us that we must believe what we see not what we cannot see.

Well, until now, the only thing I have faith in is the Eternal being, is love. To me, all these brilliant works by mankind make people weak and drive people away from their inner true selves. The matter which I am very concerned about is the education system, if we cannot change our education system into a fair one, we can never advance spiritually. To me, all these man-made artistic works are truly brilliant but lack in essence of being a human. I can agree at certain level of theological teaching in schools but not all. Because at present, all theological studies tend to make people become conservative instead of becoming creative and spiritually active with the Eternal being. In order to advance ourselves, our souls, we cannot lose our genuine creativity, we always have to be actively engaged with this living planet earth at the least of all. How can we be actively engaged with our earth? Just feel the spirits in her, feel her breath and her warmth under our feet and above our heads. We must be in her breath in order to understand her, understand what she is going through. Our planet earth is currently going through a change, enormous amount of new energies are generated by earth`s deepest soul every day. However, people who are holding tightly on to their karmas are unable to follow these energies. And those who believe in their spiritual sides but still constantly doubt about the Eternal being, these people are also unable to feel the new energies.

Now is the time to let go of so many things, in my deepest soul I try to convince people who are deeply entangled with their karmas, to just let go of it bit by bit. Because this change of planet earth is going to be different from past changes, it will be more than just natural disasters, more than just floods or storms, it will be quick, but not all will feel it, that`s why many people who are already awaken think that it will be slow. However, in reality, it shall be fast.


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