26 Nov 2011 01:12 Humanity rocks

Staring into the boundless horizon in tight jeans, sleeveless black velvet, side-swept fringes, twinkling eyebrows and smokey eyes, the crowds are turned into a backdrop as the curtains are rolled up. The gazer, whose eyes are those of the ancient Greeks, even far beyond ere the great divulge, those that once stared forever into the stars in heaven, those same eyes are now seeing the crowds and sees himself as being only one in the millions. Only now that the horizon is getting more narrow but the stars in heaven had never ever changed. Stories hailed from gems in the night sky, with power to move those hearts on earth, faint or strong, still live through every corner, every sidewalk, every home  in the culture of that thing called mankind, one of a kind, one of its own, amid a universe teeming with space boundaries connected by endless string of  galaxies. It is, as it has always been, as it will always be, in this majestic clouds of flaming and smouldering matters and non-matters that mankind shall always shine from within. This is the best rock-n-roll style of all humans` histories.

Without flames, there is no sexiness about mankind, without smokiness, there is no game in the name of life. All cultures are designed, shaped to make earth a comfort zone, as if the game, the show being put forward shall never end, never ends. One generation after another, the freshly-reincarnated souls fill in to drive another new force in this comfort zone. The old souls yield willingly to the new ones, more sexiness, more merriness, even greater sorrows culminate mankind to almost heaven, almost heaven, where no man has ever been, where no elbows had ever leaned upon, that spark of glory, so bright, so great, and falling down so swift even time passes by to surrender. Hitting the heights in mankind`s comfort zone make it more susceptible to new angels being born as humans, as more changes would come by, as have always been prophecized.

The big time has come, its already here, new waves of frequencies, new faces, new challenges, new higher yet simple souls are already here in this space and time. We only need to open up our mind, trust in ourselves with good faith and love. See once again, through those eyes that could pierce through a million years into the old and the new heavens with no fear. Find it, go find it in ourselves, that twinkling sparks of tiny glories now held as vibrational force at the back of our head, our memories. We dream about it everytime we let go of our ego during sleep, with the flames and smokiness, these wonderful ancient tales about ourselves would be gone by the wind, gone by the wind, when those eyes turn red and drunk. There`ll be no stopping, we`ll continue to rock, rock perpetually, rock permanently like sailing a funky Chinese junk ship upon the calm waters. There`s no navigators, no astrologers, no doctors, but the ship continue to sway on, sway on… by itself… … as if one life is never enough, no no. But that`s the way it is, the way life is…. for most people.


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