23 Nov 2011 19:43 Taking every step for humanity

For no obvious reason, I need to take my every step for humanity if it needs to continue to prosper and transcend into higher dimension. Each small and tiny step which I took with mistakes, I must evolve from it and try better next time. These days, I have met some mistakes by talking too much about building our society, and fixing our own problems, and certainly have offended some people out there. However, it is now on my conscientious that I ought to change my way of talking about it to other people who still do not want to evolve themselves from such disgraceful situations.

I`m not depressed in anyway. In my opinion, I believe faith and truthfulness are the greatest and I shall follow this path to the end. The power of love, not hatred and selfishness, it is the power of love that is everything in this universe, all else is just our imaginations.


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