5 Nov 2011 18:47 The Ultimate Law

Any law made by human, our government, administrators, ministers… etc, are all logically dysfunctional. Our world, our nation, our government do not care for the human race, let alone care for planet earth. The ultimate law that shall bring a race toward ultimate virtue and love is the simplest of all laws, this is the law that is without obligations. This ultimate law respects all souls above materials, its essence is incomprehensibly simple, that is-pure love with justice.

The ultimate law is not something that can be written down to accommodate every essence of it. Anything that can be written in black and white is just a tiny fraction of the ultimate law. However, to make it more understandable, I shall write some of the essence of the ultimate law regarding our worldly problems. This is just a tiny part of what I have to say as far as I`m concern about our society.

1. Education: All education that regards the virtue of love, sharing, wisdom teaching, goodness of science development… etc, should be free for all people. Examination-based system ought to be abolished at all cost. It shall be replaced by a critical-thinking and self-identification-based system. All teaching shall have a fundamental importance in the knowledge of the universe because the ultimate law is based on the whole universe where everything is connected to everything.

2. Cities and their welfare: All agencies, all sectors in the cities should have the mind to serve all people equally without obligations under pressure from money, personal status and skin colours. To protect people from evil power and to encourage the power of love with justice.

3. Corruptions: Corruptions in all government, all agencies, all schools are rooted in selfishness, big ego and greed, which are the greatest weakness for humans but the greatest power of evil. Corruptions not only exist in the government, but also in schools, at homes, at churches, everywhere. Corruptions not only befall from aspect of money, but also down-fall of mutual respects, destruction of earth`s resources and innocent animals` lives.  All corruptions continue because most humans still believe in having knowledge without true wisdom related to the universe. I give an example: our scientific research, our knowledge in science is only knowledge that has nothing to do with the universal knowledge.

4. Discrimination of races, characteristics, individuality: All hatreds are rooted in having too much self-believe. Believing in oneself cannot go beyond the margin of fundamental mutual respect (for example: having gracious instinct for your own dad or mom or family), if one does go beyond, the power of discrimination will subdue one`s heart. No matter how you appear to love your own family or friends, if you go beyond that margin secretly inside your mind, your honor of being your true self will be gone even if you had never noticed it.

As our world, our civilization is falling back , far from the kingdom of true faith and good wisdom, everyday, every minute, every second, I try to direct my energy with the help of the universal energy to revolve all negative intentions toward the positive. I believe there are many individuals out there who are like me, born to do the task of raising the world`s consciousness to higher level. I believe I am not alone.


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