10 Oct 2011 16:41 Energy surge

Each day, more and more energy surge, more and more information in the form of energy is coming into my ears. I`m hearing the strong dynamic flow of energy which suddenly halts my hearing all the time. Only recently, I can say this month, the surge has become more frequently. It used to be once in about 2 months when I was younger, as far as I could recall, when I was in high school. Then, it has risen to once in a month a few years back. About one year ago, it came to around twice in a month, slowly, it increased to once in a week. Then, this month, I `m finding it so unusual that I`m receiving once or more than once each day. Each energy surge is a form of information which I can discern only through my still limited scope of wisdom, my life experience, but most importantly, it can only be discerned through thought with love and inner peace. We are indeed in a time of importance to our experience of humanity.


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