5 Sept 2011 23:13 Loving God is the key to eternal happiness

Living one day without the invisible being`s presence is impossible, in other words, one has less than zero chances of being a survivor if that wonderful being, that thing, that person who forever loves and guides us, if He wasn`t there for us, we would never have existed. Right, any scientifically and politically correct person who like to argue about who the heck is this God? Where lies the logic to its presence? Where goes its connection to our very existence? Do we not born ourselves? Live ourselves? Die ourselves?

The answer is very clear: NO. No, we did not do anything ourselves, we couldn`t even think of ourselves if not for His great creation, if not for His mercy, we just couldn`t be in one piece as a living entity. The force behind everything we do as we always do is an eternal force, there is no limit to it unless we daunt ourselves, there is no sorrow no pain in it, unless we seek the pleasure of having sorrow and pain. This force is so originally pure that everyone still wonders if it ever existed at all. Just take a look at ourselves, we`re so imperfect yet we think we are perfect, we`re so proud of ourselves, yet we think we are humble in the face of His glory, we`re so inconsiderate yet we think we are giving our children the right direction in the name of God, for God`s sake, it is but in the name of the bible, nothing beyond the texts. We`re so everything we think we are yet we still ask for more and more from God, never really look into ourselves to find how ignorant and ungrateful we are. While many ask for more, others who call themselves atheists decry His presence. To make matter worse, many embrace the uncomfortable “comfort” to be not bothered by His eternal glory, His eternal love towards our souls.  Not bothered, because people have grown too much meat out of their disproportioned grostesque figure that are fed by our civilization. This is such a disastrous tragedy, absolutely tragedy we`ve let ourselves into.

To save ourselves from further self-destruction, we ought to learn to feel God`s presence in our hearts. It is a source of eternal energy, radiating itself from within, it is an unconditional love and happiness, an extraordinary feeling of own`s existence of which one`s own physicality cannot recall. It is such amazing experience that nothing can ever replace it but only fulfill it with one`s own willingness.

To have love and love God is the only way to eternal happiness, all else is nothing more than a mere shadow spellbound with art of an illusion.


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