3 Sept 2011 12:18 How deep is your personality?

Normally, personality defines an individual in a set of rules acquired and accepted by the environment to which the individual is exposed to. If someone says a person is an idiot in a serious way or has some problems in his/her head because that person shows a different way of thinking, others may not see it that way. The reason is because the 3rd person, the others, they are all observers. From point of view of an observer, we observe things from different angle, digest information in a diversified way, and then compute the minute and important detail in our head in less than 60 seconds before arriving to our conclusion about things we observe.

In fact, there are several levels for observers. People, don`t matter the age, who are quick at giving judgement from a narrow angle are at the lowest level. What comes out of our mouth is basically what we are going to say, and things that we say show how shallow or how deep we are from within. People who give judgement but mostly pertaining to both sides of the boat, overly shallow or excessively deep are at the middle level up the ranking of observers. Anyone is like a perpetual day and night watcher, we watch our own ways, watch others` way, we never stop looking at others, sometimes we become so so so immersed in this cultural junk ship that sails endlessly on waters in the deserts. The immense landscape of desert impresses the people on-board while actually there are nothing to be seen, no lives, no trees, no free souls, no nothing. But it still impresses everyone on-board because the artists on that junk ship paint a different picture around the ship so that there are different paintings everyday. So that everyone on that ship observe things on that ship, from angle of that ship they see themselves as grand observers, they see themselves as true believers, but believing in what? In what they see? When all that there is for them to see is all that there is, all that are painted by the artists, all that are designed by the artists, sometimes in good mood, other times just gloomy. In the highest level are those people who don`t really think they could judge anything anyone unless necessary, unless in appropriate circumstances. At this level, the observers see things from within themselves and then from outside of themselves. At this level, the true observers which are our souls become the observers from a very remote place inside our mind. These observers see no point of judging others with bars or barriers between themselves and things they observe, the invisible barriers are gone. The barriers are things that people have said or criticized about the people or matter to be judged. These barriers are in fact very effective in changing people`s way of thinking.

For example, a friend tells you he would like to meet a girl, any girl. And you said you know a girl who is still single. That friend then ask you how old is she? Why she`s at that age and still single? Is she a homosexual or what? Is she normal??   And then, you just tell that friend that maybe that girl has other goals in life and is not ready to have a relationship or she hasn`t met the right guy yet. In this case, the friend who wants to meet a girl is at the lowest level of observers ranking, whereas you are at the middle level. But remember, at this level, your thought could be easily altered by what your friend said, if you slip and agree with what your friend said, you`ll fall to the same level as he is.   Can a person still be at the highest level in this kind of situation? Yes, you might tell that friend: I think you are a bit too quick at judging someone you don`t know, maybe you should think what kind of personality suits you?? By saying these, you actually show that your wisdom is deeper than your friend thinks and he might reconsider his thoughts next time. The point here is to get rid of that invisible barrier, that line, just cross over that line and talk to the person, talk to their inner selves where their personality is. However, in some circumstances, we might not want to do this since some personalities are too strong, too afraid to be hit or broken by our open and brave personality. So, it is true that people say, if you really don`t know what good things to say, better don`t say anything at all.

A beauty lives in each of us, it has soul, it has life full of energy and radiates from within our heart. Ugliness is the beauty that has lost this radiating energy. Preening upon our countenance in front of the mirrors day after day is a way to tell ourselves that we`re here, we`re real. Ever imagined what if one day, you could no longer see yourself in the mirror? It may be because you can still see yourself but you don`t want to and hate your look so much that you can`t stare in the mirror no more, what would you be?  Does this mean you`re not real anymore? Where has your true self, your personality been? Where is it, that person you are inside? Realize this, its true and real enough, that you can never be what others say or think you are, never. The real you, the real person that is you is really defined by your personality. Depending on how well you are willing to take your own personality to, it has to grow up, to evolve to mature throughout your life. The deeper personality you have, the more wisdom you have and the more mature your soul is.


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