2 Sept 2011 18:32 The kind of world we`re in

Ever tried to connect someone you think you might want to get to know better? For any reason you think or you have ever thought of: maybe he/she could be your friend? maybe he/she would be suitable for you as a pal? maybe you just want to call him/her up just to say hello? Any reason at all, having filtered all these thoughts in  your mind, then you have finally found the way to contact him/her. And you did what your flow of thoughts told you to do, as natural as it should be, you just clicked on that button or that key and sent away your blessing or your hello-nice-to-meet-u that wonderful message to this person. While you weren`t expecting anything from anyone, you just wished that something, a message or two might fly right back at you. Clock ticks away, a day or 2 went by and there`s nothing. Well, of course, there really won`t be anything on the 3rd day as well. That`s how it is today, people just don`t feel the need to be connected to anyone.

You think someone is your family? your friend? Well, that don`t happen all the time. What happens when you don`t think anyone is your family or your friend? Who else is there left for you to call or to say hi to? That is basically how I feel everytime I try to befriend someone I`ve just known or even someone I`ve known for a long time. Its all the same, people just don`t want to say hi to you anymore, any reason there could be and you even wished that they could tell you, you`re all fine with that. Some human voice and human breath is always that welcoming because we`re all humans.

Coldness fills in this world and most people`s hearts, but I`m still the same, right here, warmth resides within me. Passions, intense zest for every little thing in life fill in every corner of my heart. This warmth comes from God, of course, and this passion comes from within my heart, almost invincible. If one day, more and more people could realize just how much we need one another, this world would be quite different. Are we really all that we think we are? Self-abled? Self-contained? Self-generated? Or, are we just  trying to lock up our heart and lock in ourselves? Unfortunately, I guess this world suffers a lot when we lock ourselves in, this world evolves continuously like a dynamic flow of lively energies. These energies come from each life, each one of us contributes to the main flow. Without this lively flow of energies, this world becomes cold as heat escapes from each of us.


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