7 Aug 2011 12:09 I miss kopi-O of my hometown

Home is where I am, that`s my style of making anywhere adaptable and comfortable with me wherever I go. However, it`s not always the case deep down in my heart. There is always another place that`s special for my old heart, that makes every vein and artery palpitating my warm blood throughout my body, giving me strength and inner sense of calm. What can make a person like me, so sensibly thoughtful yet unforgivingly soaked in one`s own single life a person so patriotic?


3 elements for south-asian souls: kopi-O, lemon teh bing and kopi teh-si :D

The answer is the smell of thin caffeine coming from Indonesian coffee beans, the taste of ceylon tea leaves from mountains of Sri Lanka, mmm….. …. it smells so goooood. No strings attached-kind-of happiness means things are always kept simple and clean. Just pour in hot boiling water, if needed, couple chunk of ice to make it more romantic in the dance between the tea essence and caffeine. Underneath the clouded azure sky, every toast, every meal becomes sensationally rational to this south-asian continent people. Sensational when there is no luxurious utensils, no complicated extravagant decorations on the dining table, no eerie neon lights over the shadows, none of these seem original there, it is just the way it has always been. Just the taste of Borneo, a taste I couldn`t find anywhere else.




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