25 july 2011 00:00 Smurfy the Smurfs

When I watched the Smurfs as a kid, I just thought the blue people were really lovely and cute and smart to defeat evils. Its been so long ago since I last saw these little smurfs hopping, jumping and running around yelling at papa smurf, now as I watch it again, I feel I have even deeper thoughts.

In this era of our world, all things and people go spinning around, all seem like trampling across unseen mountains and unheard rivers in the wildest of our own dream that we call the reality. None give hearts to something that really matters any more, anything that really matters for the majority is unfathomable wealth, fame, murky fun down the hall of alcoholics and inner gallery of lust, pains and more pains, nothing ever wanted unless desired. Amid all these chaotic features we see everyday, every single moment, what I ever wanted in my life is a life that is full of love and endless passions about life. Just like the one in the smurfs` society. From certain aspect, it is a society of communism, indeed. However, I guess we are all too quick to judge something from our narrowness which our own supposedly “democratic” environment has taught us. We are in fact, the biggest communism of all time since our human history! Yes, indeed. Because, nowadays, shortage of money, debt, famine, hunger are problems created by our own monetary system, a system that is supposed to give money to all but is stolen by the rich and greedy and selfish people around the globe.

Now, back to the smurfs, they are indeed elves, guardians of their own lives, their own souls. This is to say in this kind of society, everyone works for the better of everyone else. Kids are taught to grow up to become wise, just like papa smurf and everyone works according to his own ability or willingness, no forced labor at all. Considering this to our society, we all thought that we have freedom but actually, we are living in a prison without bars. The bars that keep us from being our true, loving selves are the kind of world we are forced to face every single day. Think about the wars in the middle east, the bomb attacks in Europe, the shooting spree around the world, the unemployment, the inhumane way of work-your-way-to-wealth-and-life-and-death, think about all the sufferings and mourning every single day, freedom is no more than a fig of my cranial imagination, freedom has never been achieved, I am absolutely sure about that. From my own perspective, after all, we as a race in our entire history, we all know what we really want for our lives but we are all scared and frightened by our immense, ridiculous imaginations about who or what we are. Our imaginations have led us to believe that treating others differently is a way of life in our society which is true. However, this is sickness brought up by our selfish and inconsiderate minds, thinking that we are someone, somewhere at the corner of a huge galaxy, that we are intellectual, with minds of a scientist, a respected doctor, someone with accepted characteristics. When we are thinking about all these things, we are losing our native consciousness, we are losing our control over our true spirits, our souls. When we have lost our soul to evil, we willingly let ourselves in to the prison in our society. When that `s happened, we `d let noone in and noone out, so that there`s no way out.

Once in a while, someone would bring out idea about an enlightened way of life, being happy and helpful and always thinking about what a miserable place this society is. Once in a while, it does happen to anyone of us. That`s when our inner self, another side of us is working on our mind, trying desperately to get us out of this prison. But, with a slap of a hand — “SLAP!” Its gone, its all gone, like a vision far from our thoughts and consciousness, we are back to this world, back to this perpetual prison.

Sometimes, I really think that I have actually lived longer than my age tells me, I`m actually  1000 times older than my age… … its a disbelief for myself in the beginning, but as time goes on, I`m already understanding many things in our world are not meant to be this way or that way. We could have been living in a paradise, we could have been in total state of tranquility, same as you, same as me, same as anyone else, everyone could have been living in a loving and caring society without chaos. But where in good heaven, is that place on Earth? I wonder about this most of the time. If heaven is real, which I`m very sure it is, why can`t we all go there together? There`s no need to suffer, no need to shed a tear nor tear our dreams, whatever that dream is! Whatever that smurfy concept is, it is indeed what we all want to have in the end. A place where we can all rest, eat, live and have fun together.


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