22 May 2011 01:28 Humanity, don`t ever turn back!!

They say Earth is 4.5 billions years old.

They say dinosaurs vanished millions of years ago, extinct, wiped out clean from this surface.

They say the Giza pyramid was built roughly around 3000 years ago, so was the sphinx.

They say aliens could not have visited Earth, not ever, unless we could actually see and touch one.

They say time travel is apparently pure imagination, noone could have ever gone back in time, none, not ever.

They say the Mayan civilization collapsed all in a sudden without an understandable reason.

They say Atlantis was an unreal myth.

They say the Greek gods were only myths.

They say reincarnation is not possible unless it could be proven scientifically.

They say humans evolved from primates.

They say John Kennedy was killed in an accident by a criminal.

They say HIV is a deadly virus that can kill and we need to find cure for HIV patients.

They say vaccines are meant to keep people from virus attack.

They say we need to keep animals so that we can kill them for our daily foods.

They say red/white meat and wines are fantastic quality stuffs.

They say wars can save planet from terrorists.

They say deadly weapons are being built because we need them.

They say we can earn a lot of money if we work hard.

They say we can explore the space, the universe more in the future for good of humanity… …

and what say you? Everytime we hear those not-quite-so issues keep blaring out themselves from some kind of loud speaker, anyone whose consciousness is still functioning and regenerating could easily question the logistics of these issues. Beginning with the simplest and most essential question: does anyone know where we come from?

If you say that you`ve come from your mom`s womb, your mom gave birth to you on one sunny day, clothed you and put you to sleep in a small bed, among other new-borns at a hospital. If  you say that you`ve come from a family with good education, that your geneticist dad told you you were evolved from other animal into humans, once walked on all four and squeaked like monkeys/chimpanzees hanging and grooming each other on tree branches. If you say that your Physics teacher taught you that all of us, this universe had come from a big bang many many years ago, that you were once only organic compounds, that you are and were nothing but only matters, that you are all but satisfied with everything you are being taught, then you may want to try to answer that same question again, just tell me, or ask yourself: where do you come from? This time, it might be a bit more confused and harder for you.

Because, as we know it inside each of us, but we have always been very denial, yet we still know that we don`t want to know where we come from at all! Because our society has set a kind of norm that keeps everyone from wanting to know the truth about ourselves. As a result, we stop being creative, we stop being genuine and most of us believe everything the mainstream media/scientists are telling us.  Most of us have lost genuine creativity to a fully-loaded schedule, to our poisoned foods that come from dead animals, to our drinks that make us stupid and drunk, most importantly,  we even have lost our genuinity to our excessively proud ego. Because if one goes deeper to truly tackle and understand the meaning of life and where we`re from and why we`re here, what falters is the huge ego in many of us. To find way to evade such self-humiliation, many of us just want to leave it, ignore it, go the other way so that they`ll never have to face themselves, never have to rely on themselves, never. They`ll rely on the society`s norm, they`ll be covered/protected by moist of mainstream revelation on the surface. Sooner or later, we`ll see that humanity is totally lost, completely chaotic and disturbing while mainstream people stay on.

If we could put down our pride and excessive self-esteem forever, there`s still hope that humanity could live on and evolve. I suppose we`re all too late to repent, the only thing we`re able to do to save humanity is to delay our self-destruction enactment and gain more time to do good deeds.


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