17 May 2011 22:38 10 000 years, I walked this Earth

Gently and quietly, each step on top of another as the slope went steeper. In wave of a mortal`s breath I took, in flow like a summer breeze touched in my face, in gaits of that wild hunter in those ancient dark forests I possessed. Standing on top of a hill, my squinting sharp eyes that of a hunter gazed through the horizon without a single concrete architecture. Staring through the wildest wonder of nature when mankind knew not of urban street lights and fancy steel wheels, only colours of azure firmament, green canopies, native wild animals that roamed this Earth and spears and shields took to the battle. Since that moment, in honor of being a native tribe somewhere in the corner of this place on Earth, I lived, fought, thought and died a warrior. For a moment, I stopped to take a rest to just stare into the Heaven and wondered will I ever be back again once my last breath let go of me? Will I?

Suddenly, the whole sky changed in colours, thick clouds scudded through the sky, morning and dawn ended almost at the same time, lands watered and dried, exotic creatures appeared and vanished out of sights, trees increasingly destroyed and scorched down to the last roots of a dying forest, rivers increasingly breathing in disgusting and disgraceful wastes of the little things that live and die on the surface, concretes and steels fabricating the Earth`s surface in extremely fast mode to perform massacre on huge and small animals, everything that I ever saw I`ve seen them all. Only now that I`m in a different clothing, a different face and voice. But those eyes of mine are still staring into the sky, wondering if I`ll ever be back again? Will I? For 10 000 years have passed by, and I`m still here to deliver my soul through my skins and veins. I`m not done yet, salvation must takes place to set me free. This is my last chance, my last dying wish as in my past lives, this is my last battle! I had surrendered my spears and shields long ago, I whipped no horses no more, the hilts of my swords had been laid down and blades were all broken, my armors burned in the stakes, my medieval warships were all sunken and buried deep under the sea, I had finally laid down all my angers, my furies that left me empty and sorrowful. This life that I`ve been given hearkens no more to all those earthly madness and wrongdoing. I have made the best of my 10 000 years of imaginations, I must wake up from this dream and sleep no more! For 10 000 years, I`ve walked this Earth, it`s not the end yet, it`s only a beginning. A beginning journey for my soul through the universe. After that, my energy would be so longing to return to the eternal being who creates all things. And so my journey on Earth would end right there.


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